Am I allowed to carry packages and luggage on public transport?

Packages and luggage are allowed, but they remain the owner’s responsibility and must not be left unattended.

As a service to you – and as long as it does not bother other passengers – you are allowed to carry the following:

On the metro, RER and Montmartre funicular:

  • Various suitcases, sacks and packages (the greatest dimension must be less than 75 cm),
  • Packages no longer than 2 metres but not more than 20 cm in the other dimensions (skis, for example) are allowed, on condition that you hold them vertically,
  • Baby strollers, preferably folded.

On buses and trams:

  • Packages and luggage that you are able to carry, as long as they do not bother other passengers or disrupt bus operations,
  • Strollers (certain cumulative conditions apply),
  • A maximum of two non-folded strollers on standard and articulated buses (12m and 18m) and just one non-folded stroller in small buses (midibus or vans),
  • Passengers with folded strollers should board by the front door of the bus,
  • Passengers with unfolded strollers may board using the bus’s central door, on condition that the driver agrees and the transport pass is validated.