Website accessibility:

This page outlines our commitments to digital accessibility and defines the compliance level of this site according to current regulations and standards.

Updated on 07/01/2024

What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility encompasses a set of rules and best practices covering functional, graphical, technical, and editorial aspects to ensure that digital media (websites, mobile apps, PDFs, etc.) are accessible to people with disabilities.

Accessible Features Include:

  • Customizing display (text size, colors, animations).
  • Navigating with assistive technologies (screen readers, braille displays).
  • Navigating without a mouse using only the keyboard or touchscreens.
  • Viewing videos and audio content with subtitles and/or transcriptions.

Accessibility Commitments:

RATP commits to making its websites and mobile applications accessible in accordance with Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005. This involves implementing a strategy and actions detailed in an ongoing multi-year plan.

Partial Compliance with RGAA: This declaration applies to the "" site. It is partially compliant with RGAA version 4.1.2 due to the non-conformities listed below.

Test Results:

  • Overall compliance rate: 79.5%.
  • Average compliance rate: 80.6%.

Non-Accessible Content:

  • Decorative images not ignored by assistive technologies.
  • Informative images lack detailed descriptions.
  • Information conveyed only by color.
  • Insufficient text/background color contrast.
  • Videos lack transcripts, audio descriptions, or subtitles.
  • Scripts incompatible with assistive technologies or not keyboard-controllable.
  • Source code not valid according to the specified document type.
  • Non-accessible downloadable documents.

Content Exempt from Accessibility Requirements:

  • Cookiebot cookie manager.
  • Components on the "Our Maintenance Jobs" page.
  • Mindsay virtual assistant.
  • SVA P03 number sign contrast.
  • YouTube video players.
  • Leaflet map.

Additional Notes: Many line maps are not accessible due to lack of detailed descriptions. Use the "Routes" feature for more information on stations and stops.

Technology Used:

  • HTML5, SVG, ARIA, CSS, JavaScript

Testing Environment:

  • Firefox with NVDA and JAWS on Windows 11.
  • Safari with VoiceOver on macOS and iOS.

Accessibility Tools:

  • Colour Contrast Analyser, Contrast Finder, Firefox Developer Tools, Web Developer (Firefox extension).

Pages Audited:

  • Home, Legal Notices, Help & Contact, Site Map, Accessibility, Content Search Results, Route Results, Timetables, Line 13 Map, Traffic Information: Transilien, RATP Line Accessibility, My RATP Program, Delegations, Join Us, Our Maintenance Jobs.

Improvement Approach: Accessibility is considered throughout the development and maintenance of websites and mobile applications, with support from a digital accessibility expert company for training, advice, audits, and legal documentation.




Feedback and Contact: If you have difficulty accessing content or services, contact the site manager via the Help & Contact section, email [email protected], or mail: Mission Accessibilité, 54 quai de la Rapée, LAC YC10, 75599 Paris Cedex 12. Customer service: 3424.

Recourse: If you identify accessibility issues, contact Arcom via their website or the Défenseur des droits through their regional delegates, online complaint form, or mail: Défenseur des droits, Libre réponse 71120, 75342 Paris CEDEX 07.