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To contact the Mediator

If you have made a complaint to Customer Service and you deem the reply to be unsatisfactory, or if you have not received a reply within one month of your request, you may contact the Mediator.

In the event of a dispute after receiving a fine that you did not pay on the spot or a dispute with the collection department, you only have 3 months from the date of the fine to take any out-of-court actions.


La médiatrice

The Mediator

The Mediator intervenes at the customer's request to resolve a dispute, amicably and at no charge, with RATP or with one of RATP Group’s French passenger transport subsidiaries. This may be for various kinds of disputes, related to the conditions of sale of passenger tickets, service quality questions or a dispute arising from a fine. The Mediator remains at the customer's disposal for all issues that fall within their remit. Every mediation request is treated with importance, investigated in detail, and processed in an equitable and impartial manner. The Mediator is independent of RATP's internal organisation.

Betty Chappe

Requesting mediation