Network modernisation

Following the renovation of Croix de Berny station, RER line B is now 100% accessible

Passengers travelling through Croix de Berny station on RER line B from the Velpeau street access since the end of April have found the station entirely renovated and fully accessible to people with motor, mental, visual, and hearing disabilities. RER line B is now fully accessible.

Croix de Berny station , in Antony, has been renovated and upgraded in order to provide all passengers on the Île-de-France Mobilités network with:

  • a more spacious historic entrance on Velpeau street (exit n°2), accessible for people with limited mobility through the newly-installed lift;
  • a new main entrance, located on Général de Gaulle avenue, (exit n°1). The entrance will be fully accessible to people with limited mobility when the works on the forecourt, linked to the future T10 tram line, are finished next September. Located at street level, the entrance will allow for a smooth connection with tramway line T10, the  Trans-Val-de-Marne (TVM) bus route and the rest of the bus network, for the convenience of passengers.
  • facilities for accessibility: widened passageways at the control device level, latest-generation intercoms to connect with RATP staff members, sound beacons, safety strips, etc; 
  • widened platforms at the entrance and exit levels to make movement easier for all passengers;
  • a new underpass to replace the old bridge

The station's security system has also been upgraded and adapted for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities. Now featuring: shelters for passengers unable to evacuate the station on their own, adapted fire safety systems, restructured escape walkways, improved audibility of commercial and evacuation messages, as well as infrastructure works to allow for faster and safer fire safety interventions.
The new facilities for accessibility at Gare de Berny station are the result of regular consultations between the RATP accessibility unit and 9 associations. The accessibility advisory committee developed concrete solutions to better meet the needs of people with disabilities.
RATP staff members working at the station have also been trained to welcome people with disabilities and to use the new facilities.
Road works around the station, which are set to be completed by September, will make accessing the station easier for all.


A commitment to inclusive mobility and accessibility for all

All passengers having difficulty travelling on the network, including wheelchair users, pregnant women, as well as the elderly and disabled, now have access to a new map to help them better organise their trips across the entire Île-de-France Mobilités network. Users can check on and download accessibility information for all metro, RER, and tram stations on îledefrancemobilité and or on the Île-de-France Mobilités and RATP applications. Paper versions can also be found at all sales desks of the network. Several Atlas in Braille and large print were also printed by RATP in January 2021 to help the blind and visually-impaired get familiar with the 16 lines and 306 stations on the network.

RATP is also conducting trials at Luxembourg station on RER line B in order to better welcome deaf and hearing-impaired people. Customers passing through the Luxembourg station, located near the National Institute for the Young Deaf (INJS), are greeted by RATP station staff equipped with "inclusive" face masks. Signs are in place to let visitors know to request that staff put these on. The face masks are partially transparent, allowing passengers to see the staff member's facial expressions while protecting all parties. They allow for lip reading and are thus the best way to interact with deaf or hearing-impaired people, as well as people with cognitive and mental disabilities. This is great news for those involved, considering that the mandatory face mask orders currently in place may contribute to their isolation.