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Onboard SMS Ticket

Do you want to take the bus but do not have a ticket? Try the onboard SMS ticket

Do you want to take the bus but do not have a ticket? With the onboard SMS ticket, you can buy your ticket by SMS and use it immediately on your bus.

  • Busratp
Number of journeys : 1
Ideal for : passengers in Paris and the Île-de-France region who use public transport only occasionally and who have a local mobile number.

How does it work?

The onboard SMS ticket allows you to buy your transport ticket at the last minute before getting on your bus. It’s very simple, convenient and fast from your phone, just follow these steps:

  • Buy your onboard SMS ticket
    When you see your bus approaching, send an SMS from your local number with the text “Bus + number” (the number of your bus route) to the number 93100. You will then receive an SMS which will act as a ticket.
    - Send Bus29 to 93100 if you are taking bus route 29,
    - Send BusN01 to 93100 if you are taking the Noctilien route N01,
    (do not leave a space between BUS and the line number).
  • Show your onboard SMS ticket to the driver when boarding the bus.

That's it! You’re ready to go! Your onboard SMS ticket will be deducted directly from your telephone bill.


Onboard SMS ticket for bus route busratp ligne 29:

Exemple contenu ticket SMS : RATP Ticket bus SMS ligne 29. 2,50 euros TTC. 1 trajet sans correspondance. Le 16 mars 2020 de 15h23 à 16h23. A présenter au conducteur référence 09’43’57’95’07’09.


SMS when there is an error (wrong password):

Exemple cas d’erreur ticket SMS : RATP - Le mot clé utilisé pour votre SMS ticket est incorrect. Vous devez envoyer BUS suivi du numéro de ligne sans espace. Exemple : BUS23, BUS147, BUSN1. tab-sms.

This service is not available on Orlybus & Roissybus

How much does it cost ?

The onboard SMS ticket costs the same as a ticket sold on board the bus (€2.50, excluding the cost of the SMS for telephone subscriptions that do not include unlimited SMS). The amount will be deducted directly from your telephone bill.

Special fares only for N122 & N153: €5

How long is it valid and are transfers possible?

The onboard SMS ticket is valid only for immediate travel on the bus without transfers. It will remain valid for 1 hour from the time the SMS was sent (the duration is indicated on the SMS you will receive).

What are the requirements ?

This service is available on any phone model with a Free, SFR, Orange or Bouygues Telecom telephone subscription (excluding professional packages or specific commercial offers).

Can I buy tickets for several people?

Yes, you can! Simply send an SMS to 93100 as many times as the number of people making the trip. However, if there is a ticket inspection, the person who bought all the tickets must be present to show the tickets on the phone used for the purchase.

General Conditions of Use

To read the General Conditions of Use, click here.

Frequently asked questions for the onboard SMS ticket

Do I have to register to access the onboard SMS service?
No registration is necessary.

When will my account be charged for the cost of my onboard SMS tickets?
The cost of your onboard SMS tickets will be charged directly to your telephone bill.
I have a complaint regarding the amount corresponding to my onboard SMS tickets.

Who should I contact?
You can contact RATP Customer Service, either by phone at 3424 (free service + price of a local call), or by using the form available online:

What should I present in an inspection?

In the event of an inspection, you must present the SMS received on your phone to the ticket inspector. If you are traveling as a group, the person who bought all the tickets must be present with the phone used for the purchase, to show the SMS received.