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maRATP, the companion to your every moment and wish

Each and every day, maRATP makes your daily life easier thanks to special offers and customised services. maRATP accompanies you throughout the day, before, during and after your journeys, to help you discover or rediscover all the treasures of the city as you experience it – you and only you.

maRATP is accessible free of charge from a fixed address (to prepare your trip, for example) or on the move (during your travels) via our website and/or our RATP mobile app available on iPhone or Android.

But did you know? maRATP is:

A personalised space offering real-time information

An unexpected incident on your line? With maRATP and the Alerts service, you are kept informed in real time, by email and/or smartphone. To activate this feature, all you need do is enter the lines you use and the days of the week and hours you generally use them. And that’s not all: via your personalised space, you can also enter your favourites (times, destinations) as well as plan your itineraries easily. Discover your personalised space right away!

Irresistible suggestions… just for you: exclusive previews, shows, concerts…

How about a movie tonight? Or what about dropping in on the latest exhibition? Or attend one of the special shows that are offered as part of our Privileges? Every month, there are hundreds of chances to win invitations and exclusive offers to discover the latest shows, movies, key exhibitions, sports events, musicals, concerts, and so much more… To fully benefit from all the culture and leisure activities on offer in the Ile-de-France region, discover the special offers that are reserved exclusively for you.

Thousands of addresses in your vicinity, to discover each day

Depending on your wishes, opt for a moment of gourmandise, a shopping spree or a bucolic stroll in the Ile de France region: just follow our recommendations under the heading Inspirations. Find ideas for walks and outings, and the addresses of all the hotspots currently in vogue in the Ile-de-France region: restaurants, shopping, culture, leisure, family, etc. Keep on top of the latest trends. Have you heard about the sunny new terrace in Pigalle on metro line 2? You’ll find the exclusive scoop about it on maRATP!

Women in a metro

Services tailored to your needs, facilitating your everyday routine

Throughout the year, benefit from a range of exclusive services adapted to your needs, tastes, and movements: tips and advice to benefit fully from your transport pass, information on WiFi hotspots, concierge services, the latest new apps, after sales services, lost & found, etc. Find all of the information and news on services designed and adapted to meet your needs.

And don’t forget maRATP’s favourites, special moments we are delighted to share with you: a monthly selection of artists, unusual places, events… to be discovered and shared without moderation!

That’s why maRATP is there behind every moment, big or small, in your daily life, to accompany you and respond to your every wish.

Personalised services, offers, inspirations, and get-togethers… find these and so much more, all tailored just for you in your personal space…

Why wait? Come discover maRATP