Passenger services

Communauto, the self-service car app!

Self-service bookable car sharing!

What is Communauto?
Communauto provides you with self-service vehicles, available 24/7. With cars distributed across nearly in more than 200 stations in Paris and its inner suburbs, enjoy using this simple, friendly and flexible service, always adapting to your needs.

How does it work?
Go to to sign up!
Simply download the app to your smartphone to find your nearest station.

How much does it cost?
You only pay for travel time and mileage. Once a month, you’ll be sent a detailed bill. Enjoy the best offers for 3 months, with no monthly fee, no deposit and no obligation! Then simply choose the package that’s best suited to your needs.

Who can sign up?
Anyone aged 20 or above with a valid driving licence in France can register.

To find out more and download the app, click here