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Contactless credit card payment on RoissyBus and OrlyBus

In addition to paying in cash, you can now buy your tickets with a credit card (contactless payment) on board OrlyBus and RoissyBus! A convenient service provided in collaboration with Île-de-France Mobilités.  

Comment ça marche ?

You can now pay for and validate your trip on board the bus. Specific readers are available on board to let you purchase and validate your ticket at the same time with your credit.

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General Conditions of Use

Consult the General Conditions of Use for contactless OrlyBus and RoissyBus tickets by clicking here

Frequently asked questions

How many tickets can I purchase with my credit card?

The service allows you to purchase on the same credit card:

  • Up to 4 tickets on Orlybus
  • Up to 3 tickets on Roissybus

It’s a simple process: buy the first ticket by tapping your credit card, then validate the purchase on the dedicated reader, which will confirm the purchase of the first ticket.

For every additional ticket:

  • Validate the credit card once to request an additional ticket 
  • Validate the credit card a second time to confirm the purchase of the additional ticket (and so on)



Roissybus :


Which cards can be used?

 CB, VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted for the purchase of tickets: 
- Physical cards with contactless payment enabled 
- Virtual cards on smart phones

How do I obtain proof of payment and see my travel history on RoissyBus and OrlyBus?

To obtain proof of payment, log in to:
You will be asked to create an account and sign in. You must then enter your personal details, including your credit card number, after which you can look up the full history of your contactless payments on RoissyBus or OrlyBus.

Attention: proof of payment can only be obtained for payment with physical cards, but not for virtual cards on smartphones.