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Is the Mediator able to settle my dispute?

Please read RATP Group's Mediation Charter to find out whether the Mediator is able to deal with your dispute.



What documents should I provide to the Mediator?

To ensure your request is dealt with efficiently and thoroughly, please provide the Mediator with all the documents needed to analyse and understand your dispute. Such evidence should show the action taken with customer service regarding the professional with whom you have a dispute and may include correspondences, detailed invoices, service records, magnetic tickets, Navigo pass balances, or any other document that can demonstrate and quantify your loss.

Witness statements may also be provided to the Mediator, on condition that they are provided in accordance with the law.


Videos: You can provide the Mediator with any videos that may support your claim. If the video is too large, you can use WeTransfer or any other file transfer site.

Note: As specified in the charter, the Mediator does not have access to video surveillance on the networks.


I haven't received any information regarding my mediation request.

If you submitted a mediation request online and have not received an email confirming receipt of your request, it is possible that your email address was entered incorrectly. Please re-submit the request online and remember to also check your spam folder.


The Mediator will inform you within three weeks whether your application has been accepted.

If your request is accepted, the Mediator has 90 days from the date of acceptance to issue a decision (excluding complex cases for which the period may be extended).


Is there a charge for mediation?

As stated in the RATP Group's Mediation Charter, the mediation procedure is provided to the plaintiff free of charge, excluding any formalities that they themselves may have undertaken (postal and administrative costs, third-party representation, etc.).


Can I have someone represent me during the mediation process?

You may be assisted or represented by a third party of your choice throughout the mediation process, at your own expense.

In such a case, you may be asked for a power of representation document, along with a copy of the relevant identity cards.



I have received a favorable solution to my dispute with a refund from the relevant service, but I have not received the cheque letter.

If the notice was given to you over a month ago, contact us again by replying to our last correspondence if it was an email or by sending a letter by post.


What can I do if I am not satisfied with the solution proposed by the Mediator?

The Mediator's decision is final. However, each party has the right to refuse a solution proposed by the Mediator. Without new evidence, a proposed mediation solution is final.

If you are not satisfied with the proposed solution, you are not obliged to accept it and can always consider legal action.

As the decision is confidential, a certificate justifying your request for mediation can be issued to you on request from the Mediator.


What does "the decision is confidential" mean?

Pursuant to Article L. 612-3 of the Consumer Code, mediation proceedings for consumer disputes are confidential. The information exchanged and the statements made during the mediation process, as well as the Mediator's findings, may not be disclosed to third parties or subsequently invoked or produced in legal proceedings. Even if the mediation is unsuccessful, everything said, written and produced in the course of the mediation may not be disclosed.