Network accessibility

In addition to various programmes to improve the accessibility of the bus, tram and RER networks for persons in wheelchairs, which have provided them greater autonomy, numerous other improvements have been made to facilitate public transport for persons with reduced mobility, including the partially or severely sight impaired, hearing impaired and mentally impaired, as well as seniors and little people.

I travel by RER

Thanks to an accessibility programme launched in 1992, 63 RER A and B stations are accessible for persons with reduced mobility at year-end 2016. The programme includes the installation of elevators and wide-access gates at the ticket gates, as well as special training for staff accompanying persons with reduced mobility. 

90% of RER stations are equipped with motorised, wide-access ticket gates. Passengers in wheelchairs and those with strollers or baggage can use these gates to validate their transport passes and access the platforms.
For passengers in wheelchairs, trains can be accessed from the platforms using a mobile gangway that is set up by RATP staff. Passengers must request this service on entering the station. This equipment allows passengers in wheelchairs to get on and off trains using the door located behind the driver.
Passengers indicate their destination to staff, who notify the station so that the same type of service can be set up on their arrival.
Since December 2002, all of the new Paris transport maps indicate which RER stations are accessible for persons with reduced mobility. These maps have a neutral background, which makes them easier to read for the sight impaired. These maps are available from RATP staff in the stations and from RATP’s accessibility service.

On line maps, the stations that are accessible for persons with reduced mobility are marked with a wheelchair symbol picto.

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List of accessible RER stations

Plan RER A accessPlan RER B access

I travel by metro

For more than 15 years, RATP has engaged in improving the accessibility of its transport networks for persons with reduced mobility, including those with partial or severe sight or hearing impairments; passengers in wheelchairs; seniors and fragile persons; passengers with luggage and those accompanying small children. 

Since year-end 2009, the entire M14 has been effectively accessible for passengers in wheelchairs.
The Equisens project aims to improve safety for persons with reduced mobility, notably for the sight impaired. The 3,540 staircases in the metro and RER networks now comply with accessibility regulations thanks to the installation of tactile warning strips on each landing and stair nose as well as on risers to provide better visual contrast.
As part of this vast project to improve accessibility for the sight impaired, sound beacons will be installed to help them locate the entryways to metro and RER stations as well the main services on offer (information desk to speak with staff; vending machines equipped with a vocal interface).

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list of accessible subway stations

L'ensemble de ces stations bénéficient d'ascenseurs et passages de contrôle élargis en libre-service.

  • Bercy metro metro 
  • Bibliothèque François Mitterand metro metro 
  • Châtelet metro metro 
  • Cour saint-Emilion metro metro 
  • Gare de Lyon metro metro 
  • Madeleine metro metro 
  • Olympiades metro metro 
  • Pyramides metro metro 
  • Saint-Lazare metro metro 

I travel by bus

All Paris bus lines are accessible for persons in wheelchairs. Bus stops have been adapted to be wheelchair friendly, with raised sidewalks and boarding areas that have been cleared of obstacles. On average, 90% of bus stops allow for passengers in wheelchairs to board or disembark using the bus platform lifts. In the suburbs, more than 170 bus lines are accessible for persons in wheelchairs. And as road improvement work is pursued under the direction of local governments, the accessibility of suburban bus lines continues to be improved.

Of the 4,500 buses: 100% have an automatic ramp, 98% provide audio announcements (more than half of which comply with 3 May 2007 regulations), and 96% display visual announcements

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List of accessible Paris bus lines

busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp  busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratpbusratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp 

Les arrêts actuellement non-accessibles aux personnes utilisatrices de fauteuil roulant sont indiqués par le pictogramme picto access 

List of accessible suburban bus lines

bus ligne101 bus ligne102 bus ligne103   bus ligne104 bus ligne105 bus ligne106 bus ligne108 bus ligne109 bus ligne110 bus ligne111 bus ligne112 bus ligne115 bus ligne116 bus ligne117 bus ligne118 bus ligne119bus ligne121 bus ligne122 bus ligne123 bus ligne124 bus ligne125 bus ligne126 bus ligne127 bus ligne128 bus ligne129 bus ligne132 bus ligne133  bus ligne137 bus ligne138 bus ligne139 bus ligne140 bus ligne141 bus ligne143 bus ligne144 bus ligne145 bus ligne146 bus ligne147 bus ligne148 bus ligne150 bus ligne151 bus ligne152 bus ligne153 bus ligne157 bus ligne158 bus ligne159 bus ligne160 bus ligne162 bus ligne163 bus ligne164 bus ligne165 bus ligne166 bus ligne167 bus ligne168 bus ligne169 bus ligne170 bus ligne171 bus ligne172 bus ligne174 bus ligne175 bus ligne176 bus ligne177 bus ligne178 bus ligne179 bus ligne181bus ligne182 bus ligne184 bus ligne185  bus ligne186 bus ligne188 bus ligne189 bus ligne190 bus ligne191 bus ligne192  bus ligne194 bus ligne195bus ligne196 bus ligne197 bus ligne201 bus ligne203 bus ligne206 bus ligne207 busratp busratp busratp busratp bus ligne214 bus ligne215  bus ligne217 bus ligne220  bus ligne221 bus ligne234 bus ligne235  bus ligne237 bus ligne238 bus ligne239 bus ligne241bus ligne244 bus ligne247 busratpbus ligne249 bus ligne252 bus ligne253 bus ligne254 bus ligne255 busbus ligne258 busbus ligne261 bus ligne262 bus ligne272 bus ligne274 bus ligne275  bus ligne276 bus ligne278 bus ligne281 bus ligneOrlybus  bus ligne286 bus ligne289 bus ligne290 bus ligne291 bus ligne297  bus ligne299bus ligne301 bus ligne302 bus ligne303 bus ligne304  bus ligne306  bus ligne308 bus ligne310 bus ligne312bus ligne317 bus ligne318 bus ligne319 bus ligne320 bus ligne321bus ligne322 bus ligne323 bus ligne330 bus ligne340 bus ligne341 bus ligne346 busbusbusbus ligne355bus ligne360 bus ligne361 bus ligne366  bus ligne367  busbus ligne378 bus ligne379 bus ligne388 bus ligne389 bus ligne390 bus ligne391 bus ligne393 bus ligne394 bus ligne395 busratpbus ligne399 bus ligne421 bus ligne459bus ligne467bus ligne471bus ligne485 bus ligne486 bus ligne487 bus ligne488  bus ligne512  bus ligne545 busratp bus ligne564 bus ligne565 bus ligne569 bus ligne571 busratpbus bus ligne595  busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp busratp 

And also :

Les arrêts actuellement non-accessibles aux personnes utilisatrices de fauteuil roulant sont indiqués par le pictogramme picto access 

List of accessible Noctilien lines

noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien noctilien  

Les arrêts actuellement non-accessibles aux personnes utilisatrices de fauteuil roulant sont indiqués par le pictogramme Picto accessibilité

I travel by tramway

The platforms of all the tramway stations are accessible for persons in wheelchairs. The T1, T2, T3a, T3b and T5 all use low-floor trams that are level with the platforms.

The platforms accessible from the trams are marked with a pictogram (image), enabling persons in wheelchairs to travel fully autonomously.
The T3 extensions (T3a and T3b) will increase the travel options of persons in wheelchairs since all connections with suburban lines serving the Paris perimeter will be adapted at the same time.


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