Traveling with a visual impairment

Station staff members are at your service, and various facilities are available to make your journey easier.

What you need to know

An Easy-to-read map is available to help you plan your journey.

Do you require assistance in stations?

Station staff members are at your service in our stations every day of the week from the start to the end of service.
They have been trained to accommodate and assist you under optimal conditions.

Our stations offer various facilities to make your journey easier:

  • Sound beacons at street level help you to locate entrances, and in stations to help you locate ticket desks;
  • voice-activated ticket machines;
  • safe staircases: tactile paving on all landings, contrasted stair edging and stair risers, continuous handrails that are broader at the start and beginning of every flight of stairs;
  • sound information systems.

To find out more with the list of the facilities

Traveling on our networks

A practical guide catering to your specific difficulties explains how to use various transport modes (metro symbole , rer symbole , busratp ligne symbole , tram symbole). The guide also indicates the services and facilities that will make your journey more comfortable. 

Guide upcoming