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For more than a century the history of public transport has been woven into the historical tapestry of the Paris region and its inhabitants. We want to help you discover this important heritage thanks to the “historic lines” collection.

This new window into the past will allow you to find out more about the history of transport and RATP, and discover less well-known historical details such as vanished trades, uniforms, arts and travel tickets.

Over the months, a series of nearly 20 pamphlets will create the full “historic lines” collection.

You will be able to enjoy slideshows and videos to enrich the discovery of local, national and even international events.

Bon voyage…

La ligne 14, première ligne automatique

Le 15 octobre 1998, le président de la République Jacques Chirac inaugure la ligne 14 (première ligne entièrement automatisée).

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Le métro et la Seine : ponts et tunnels

Le RER de 1969 à nos jours

RER, from its origins to current reality

The first metro in the world

RER rolling stock

Uniforms from 1949 to the present day

Tramways from 1975 to the present day

Buses from 1965 to the present day

Buses from their origins to 1965

Tramways from 1885 to 1937

Parisian public transport and the First World War

The art of Parisian public transport

The history of public transport 1949 to 1999

Public transport from its origins to 1948

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