Metro line 3bis: a line and its history

27 March 1971 marked the commissioning of the shortest line on the Paris metro. Unlock the full history with us!

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Metro line 3bis is surprisingly short!

With only 4 stations, the line was commissioned in 1971. Before becoming a line in its own right, line 3bis was the eastern terminus of line 3, prior to its extension to Gallieni. Today, Gambetta station still bears witness to the changes related to the creation of line 3bis. Visit our page "Un jour, une station" dedicated to this station, to learn more about its history. Line 3bis makes its way up the avenue, stopping at Pelleport and Saint-Fargeau stations, and then continues straight to the loop terminus at Porte des Lilas.

Plaques des 4 stations de la ligne 3bis

The creation of line 3bis

On 27 November 1921, metro line 3 was extended from Gambetta to Porte des Lilas, in the northeast of the capital, stopping at Pelleport and Saint-Fargeau stations. These new stations that were built during the extension are all at great depth (between 19 and 25m), and they are equipped with lifts leading directly to street level. The structures housing them were built by the architect Charles Plumet in 1922 using an Art Deco style. They are adorned with ceramics, mosaics, and decorative friezes, with signs indicating ‘Metropolitain'.

Edicules de la ligne 3bis par l'architecte Charles Plumet

It was 50 years later, following the extension of line 3 to Gallieni on 2 April 1971, that line 3bis was created. In order to prevent branch operations from Gambetta towards Gallieni or Porte des Lilas, the part of the line going to Porte des Lilas was "disconnected" to form its own line: the existing 3bis. 

To learn more about the history of line 3, visit the page A line and its history, which is dedicated to the line.

Porte des Lilas, the cinema station

Did you know? There is a third Porte des Lilas station: a phantom station, no longer in operation since 1939, which is also known as the cinema station. It is currently used for filming movies, TV series, and music videos in the metro, without interfering with network operations.

Karine, head of filming at RATP, takes you to the heart of this unique station in the video below.

@ratpofficiel On t’emmène au cœur de la station cinéma ? #ratp #ratpsansfiltre #TikTokacademie ♬ NOTHING - Westover

To find out more about links between RATP and cinema, visit our dedicated page.

Station cinéma - Porte des Lilas

The secrets of line 3bis

The short 3bis metro line has many surprises in store for you! Discover the various artistic, historical, and unusual treasures it possesses by consulting the interactive map "Worth the detour" dedicated to line 3bis.

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Patrimoine Ligne 3bis