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Félix, international project manager

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  • 32 years old
  • Graduate of Sciences Po Paris
  • At RATP since 2011

Félix's mission is to showcase the RATP Group's know-how abroad. His job? Replying to invitations to tender from cities and conurbations for the management of transport networks, existing or new, all over the world. Meet an RATP Group employee who takes the plane (almost) as often as the metro.

It is always exciting to take part in the exploration of RATP Group's know-how around the world. Not many people know it, but a good number of the famous red London buses are operated by the RATP Group!

International project manager

Did you know?

From buses in Austin (USA), to the tram in Florence (Italy), from the metro in Mumbai (India) or Algiers (Algeria) to Manila in the Philippines, the RATP group daily ensures the mobility of more than 16,000,000 passengers around the world.

In fact, the RATP Group is called upon worldwide for its unique experience in design, project management, operation and maintenance of all urban and interurban public transport modes.

Discover how Félix, international project manager, responds to invitations to tender on a daily basis:


Did you know?

buses around the world

But also...

  • 110 establishments around the world
  • 6 transport modes in 15 countries on 4 continents

“On average, the projects phase lasts between three and six months. My role is to lead a dedicated project team made up of experts from several disciplines: engineers, technicians, business analysts, lawyers, financiers, and also marketing and human resources managers.” Team leadership and project coordination are the key tasks Félix has to take care of while forming the RATP Group response to the invitation to tender.

Félix, international project manager - Bruno MARGUERITE
Félix, international project manager - Bruno MARGUERITE
Félix, international project manager - Bruno MARGUERITE
Félix, international project manager - Nick&Chloé

Coaching, team spirit, a sense of priorities and coordination: project management for invitations to tender requires a strong level of involvement and Félix often has to travel. A hectic pace of life, but rich in meetings and exchanges!

Félix, a project manager winning international market contracts!

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