M14 extension to Orly Airport
The southern extension of the M14 will link the current terminus at Olympiades to the Orly Airport.

With 7 new stations and a maintenance centre, the 14 km underground extension of the M14 will run from Olympiades to the Orly Airport. It is part of the Grand Paris Express, managed by Société du Grand Paris (SGP). On 24 February 2015, SGP temporarily transferred contracting authority for the M14 extension to RATP (excluding the Villejuif- Institut Gustave Roussy and Orly Airport stations, whose contracting authorities are SGP and Aéroports de Paris, respectively). The M14 extension will conserve the current characteristics of the automated line, i.e. a rapid, high performance metro line with a commercial speed of 40 km per hour, vs 25 km per hour for a conventional metro line. 

Useful information :

  1. Départements 75, 91 and 94

  2. Connections with the RER C - M1, M3, M4, M6, M7, M8, M9, M11, M12, and M13 - T7 - numerous bus lines - T3a

  3. Future connections with M15 - Orlyval - T3a

01. Advantages

The M14 southern extension will link the centre of Paris with Orly Airport.

It will serve the Bièvre Scientific Valley, with its hospitals, research labs and pharmaceutical groups and the Orly-Rungis business district, with France’s second busiest airport and the world’s largest fresh produce market (MIN).

02. Service quality

  • Metro trains used on the M14 extension will be compatible with the characteristics of the line’s existing automated metro trains.
  • The M14 is intended to operate at full capacity, i.e. with very short intervals between trains: just 85 seconds during the morning rush hour.
  • Travel time between Orly Airport and Gare de Lyon will be reduce to 23 minutes, from 42 minutes today.

03. Urban integration

The M14 extension will serve 11 local administrations located in Paris (75), Val-de-Marne (94) and Essonne (91), where the public transport grid is not as dense.

Coinciding with the arrival of the M14, several urban development projects are underway, including the City of Gastronomy, located next to the Rungis International Market (MIN), and the Health Campus joint development zone in Villejuif.

Key figures

7 new stations will be created, which will enable the M14 extension to serve 40,000 passengers an hour during morning rush hour.

04. Calendar

  • 2010-2011: public debate on the Grand Paris project
  • 3 June-1 July 2014: consultation on the M14 southern extension
  • 1 June-9 July 2015: public hearings
  • 2016: declaration of public utility; preparatory work begins
  • 2017: rerouting of utility networks
  • 2018: start-up of civil engineering and construction work
  • 2022: installation of equipment in stations and tunnel
  • Towards 2024: start-up of service

05. Project players

Société du Grand Paris (SGP)

Société du Grand Paris (SGP) is a public entity created by the French government to build the new automated metro: the Grand Paris Express. SGP is financing the M14 extension project to Orly Airport. 


06. Project costs and financing


The cost of the M14 extension to Orly Airport is estimated at 2.14 bn€ (2012 value). The project is financed by Société du Grand Paris (SGP).

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07. Regular news bulletins

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