Passenger services

We're mobilised

For several months now, service disruptions have been particularly frequent on some network lines. RATP would like to apologise for the situation. Our staff remains mobilised every day to help you cope with the inconvenience. We are doing everything within our means to improve transport conditions and bring operations back to normal as quickly as possible. 
  • Trams: service offer is now close to 98%. 
  • Buses: while we were at 75% of production in September 2022, we reached 89,7% in January 2024. 
  • Metro: the metro’s peak hour performance has reached its objective or is significantly moving upwards on 11 metro lines. Overall, we are close to 95% of production in January 2024. Mobilization continues on the most affected metro lines, with notable improvements already made.  These lines have received newly trained drivers and personnel from other workshops, who will strengthen maintenance teams and accelerate the provision of trains.
  • RER: in December 2023, we have exceeded 92,1% of production on RER line A after notable difficulties due to a higher number of interruptions due to passenger health issues. 
    Regarding the RER B: Line B, on the other hand, is facing challenges for several reasons: aging equipment without automatic control, frequent incidents including forgotten luggage and passenger discomfort. At the request of Île-de-France Mobilités, we are currently working on an improvement plan in collaboration with SNCF Voyageurs and SNCF Réseau. In the medium term, new, more spacious and comfortable trains will replace the current ones by the end of 2025. To achieve this, we are adapting our infrastructure starting today, including modifying platforms and tracks. Additionally, we are launching the replacement of all signage panels at RER B stations, featuring larger and clearer screens to enhance passenger information.

These results were achieved through the company’s large-scale mobilization with a solid action plan, in particular, the roll-out of an ambitious hiring policy, and the planned recruitment of 6,600 new employees in 2023 throughout the Île-de-France region. The breakdown of this hiring objective includes 2,300 bus drivers, 700 station staff members, 620 maintenance staff, 400 metro drivers and 120 security officers. At the end of 2023 October, nearly 4,200 agents have already been recruited, which is approximately 87% of the total target. Specifically, for the metro, we have already hired 300 drivers out of the 400 positions sought, which is more than 75% of our goal as well.

In 2024, the Group wants to recruit 3,700 hires with long-term contracts including 1,350 bus drivers, 1,200 of which will be for Paris and its inner suburbs and 150 for its outer suburbs (RATP Cap Île-de-France); 900 station staff; 120 metro drivers. Furthermore, the upcoming training sessions are fully booked at 100%.
RATP also intends to continue working on areas with a heavy impact on traffic, notably passenger health issues and unattended belongings:

  • In agreement with IDFM, new facilities have been chosen for canine detection teams in the most affected stations and terminuses (Balard, Bagneux, Saint-Denis Université and Trocadéro).
  • A communication campaign will be launched again to target forgotten or unattended belongings.
  • A new agreement is underway with the SAMU (emergency services) and BSPP (Paris fire brigade) to improve response time and the management of passengers with health issues. We are also looking to embed civilian protection teams in addition to the two existing sites at Gare du Nord and Châtelet stations.

To step up the prevention of unauthorized access to tracks, the company will install track separators on metro lines metro symbole metro ligne 5 metro ligne 7 metro ligne 12, as well as in some metro line metro symbole metro ligne 2 metro ligne 8 metro ligne 9 stations. The list of stations concerned is being finalized with Île-de-France Mobilités.
To conclude, the company has also made the decision to enforce an ambitious wage policy to maintain the attractiveness of its professions. In addition to this scheme, a policy to improve quality of life at work has also been implemented, with the aim of raising employee loyalty. To keep attracting talent, the company’s teams continue to be mobilized with all our measures gaining traction.