RER A Summer work

Track replacement: how does it work?

By 2021, the renovation project will allow 24 kilometres of ballasted track to be entirely replaced, all of which is underground, including 27 switches and crossings.

Construction work will take place in five phases

  1. Remove the existing line’s rails and sleepers.
  2. Entirely remove the old ballast, which is about 80 cm deep. Under normal maintenance operations, only the top 25 cm of ballast is removed.
    This operation will enable drainage and noise reduction work (laying anti-vibration pads in sensitive areas) to be carried out.
  3. Installation of new ballast.
  4. Installation of new track.
  5. Track stabilisation and adjustments, so that the line can operate at normal commercial speeds.

Construction work will be conducted by Colas Rail under the direction of RATP as the contracting authority. During the 4-week period, construction work will continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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