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Points of sales

Not far from you!
For your convenience, numerous points of sales are available to answer your questions and provide information on purchasing tickets, subscribing to and recharging Navigo travel passes, and after sales services. Don’t forget: in all our metro and RER stations, RATP staff is there to help you.

In our spaces

In all our stations and stations, a point of sale offers the following services:

  • Information,
  • Navigo subscriptions: Navigo Annual (including Senior), Month, week, Amethyst, Navigo Liberté + contract,
  • Sale of transport tickets in CB or assistance with the purchase of sales devices
  • Navigo After-Sales Service (loss, theft, malfunction of the pass, suspension / resumption of Navigo Annual or Navigo Liberté +…).

This Navigo point of sale is identified by the poster opposite:

Other points of contact are available to you in certain stations and stations and offer you the following services:

  • Information,
  • Sale of transport tickets,
  • After-sales service (exchange or return of title, troubleshooting solution in the event of a malfunction or forgetting your Navigo pass, etc.).

These points of sale are identified by the poster opposite: 

Excluding RATP spaces

Les commerces agréés RATP

Near you, many RATP-approved shops (press points, tobacco shops, etc.) are available to purchase your t + tickets, Day, Youth Weekend, Week and Month passes. These shops also offer Navigo Easy Passes and Navigo Discovery Passes.

Find the list of RATP approved businesses!

In provincial stations and airports

Regional Tourism Committee

Convention and Visitors Bureau

On line

Your Navigo services online

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