Reduced fare tickets

Améthyste travel pass

Special reduced fares for seniors and persons with disabilities

Do you have a disability, or are you a war veteran, retiree or a senior citizen over 60? You might be eligible for an Améthyste travel pass.

  • Busratp
  • Metro
  • Rer
  • Sncf
  • Tram
Number of journeys : unlimited
Ideal for : persons with disabilities, war veterans and retired seniors.

How does it work ?

The Améthyste range of travel passes is reserved for persons with disabilities, war veterans and retired seniors, provided that they meet certain means-tested and status eligibility requirements.

Améthyste passes are purchased by the social services of the City of Paris and individual départements, each of which decides on its own beneficiary categories and any financial contributions that might be asked of pass holders.

The validity of your Améthyste travel pass can begin at any time and remains valid for 1 year. It allows you unlimited use of public transport networks within the zones allocated by your département. Depending on the zones, you are allowed to use all public transport networks in the Île-de-France region: metro, RER, bus, tram, and train, with the exception of Orlyval.

To travel outside the specified zones, you may purchase top-up tickets and pay only for the extra distance travelled.

How do I apply for an Améthyste travel pass?

To obtain an Améthyste travel pass, you must first be issued a Navigo travel card with your photo and with the same first and last names shown on your ID card. To apply for a Navigo pass, go to one of our points of sales (Comptoir Club) or sales agencies, or online at

General Conditions of Use

Eligibility requirements for new Améthyste travel passes are defined and communicated by your département, which is also responsible for handling all applications. Your département will inform you of its decision and the expected date from which you can load your travel pass onto your Navigo pass.

Note: any transport tickets used while waiting for the delivery of your Améthyste travel pass cannot be refunded.

Once you have been issued a new Améthyste travel pass by your département, you must load it onto your Navigo pass: no other card or medium will be accepted.

Améthyste travel passes can be loaded at RATP and SNCF ticket desks and automatic vending machines, or online directly from the website

How long is the Améthyste travel pass valid?

Améthyste travel passes are valid 1 year, from 12 a.m. on the first day to 11:59 p.m. on the last day.

Which zones am I allowed to travel in?

Each département decides which fare zones are covered by the new Améthyste travel passes they issue. Améthyste travel passes allow you to travel on the same networks as Navigo travel passes covering the same zones.


  • Travel passes issued by the City of Paris: Améthyste 1-2 or 1-5
  • Travel passes issued by Seine-et-Marne: Améthyste 1-5 and 4-5
  • Travel passes issued by Les Yvelines: Améthyste 3-5 and 1-5
  • Travel passes issued by Essonne: Améthyste 1-5 and 3-5
  • Travel passes issued by Hauts-de-Seine: Améthyste 1-5
  • Travel passes issued by Seine-Saint-Denis: Améthyste 2-5 and 1-5
  • Travel passes issued by Val-de-Marne: Améthyste 1-5
  • Travel passes issued by Val d’Oise: Améthyste 1-5, 3-5 and 4-5

Frequently asked questions

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If your Navigo travel card stops working, contact an RATP agent, anywhere on the network. ...
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What should I do if my travel card is lost or stolen?

If you lose your Navigo travel card, contact an RATP agent, anywhere on the network. ...
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