What is the amount of fines?

Violation All All Travel pass subscribers
only for Navigo suscribers
All All

Examples of violations
(non-exhaustive list)

When paid directly
to the ticket
When paid within
7 days
or within
20 days online

When paid by travel
pass subscribers
within 20 days

When paid
within 60 days
When paid after 60 days,
the amount is paid to the
French Treasury (trésor public)

Did not validate travel pass in tram or bus

5€* 35€ 10€ 55€ 180€

Did not validate ticket or travel pass on the RER or metro.
Reduced price ticket is not justified.

35€ 65€ 45€*** 85€

No ticket or travel pass.
Use of a travel pass belonging to a third party.

50€ 80€ 60€*** 100€
Violation of smoking ban 68€** 98€ 118€
Franchissement illicite en entrée ou par un accès dédié à la sortie 60€ 90€ 110€

Dumping/abandoning objects
Putting feet on seats
Disturbing the peace

60€ 90€ 110€ 375€
Emprunt d'un sens interdit dans la zone contrôlée 25€ 55€ 75€ 375€

* This fine only applies when a Navigo travel pass is not validated in the bus or tramway networks.

** The amount of the fine is imposed by French public health law.

*** Amount to be paid if the travel pass is valid at the time of the ticket inspection, and under certain conditions. This fine can be paid only in person or by phone at +33 (0)1 58 77 18 77.