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Key figures

4,085 cases were handled in 2018, compared to 1,127 in 2015 and up 45% on 2017 levels. The number of mediation cases has increased almost four-fold in four years.

This steady rise can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, mediation is becoming an increasingly popular alternative dispute resolution route across various consumer areas. Secondly, the internet has made filing a complaint easier, and 73% of requests were made online this year. And thirdly, the context in which RATP Group and its subsidiaries operate has evolved, with some 86% of complaints relating to breaches of regulations, most of which are fare-related.

The number of cases is still low, compared to the number of complaints pertaining to breaches of regulations and other complaints addressed to the RATP customer service department or its relevant subsidiaries.

59,000 complaints were submitted to RATP customer service in 2018, out of 295,000 contacts made across the year. 25,600 of these complaints related to fines given for breaches of regulations. 1,740,000 fines were issued on the RATP network in 2019. 42% of these fines were paid immediately via fixed penalty fines or receipts. The remainder were fines issued for breaches of regulations.


The Mediator issued a recommendation in 70% of cases

2,777 admissible complaints were processed in 2018. The number of processed cases has increased three-fold in three years. 91% of cases relate to a breach of regulations.

1,308 complaints were not processed because:

649 were filed too early, without having first submitted a complaint to the relevant customer service

253 were filed too late This can be attributed to the specific rules that apply to fines for  breaches of regulations, where the company has two months to complete the transaction before the fine is automatically sent to the Treasury. Beyond this two-month time frame, the case falls outside RATP’s jurisdiction and, therefore, that of the Mediator.

156 complaints were outside the Mediator’s jurisdiction; 131 complaints were incomplete and could not be processed; 113 complaints were withdrawn by the customer after they received a response from the company.

More than half of the Mediator’s recommendations were favourable for customers

1,295 recommendations issued by the RATP Group Mediator were favourable or partially favourable for the customer.

313 recommendations included a solution that partially addressed the customer’s request.

In total, 58% of recommendations were favourable or partially favourable for the customer

1,120 recommendations, or 40% of the total, went against the customer and found in favour of the customer service’s decision.

49 recommendations pertained to requests for explanation or clarification and did not find fault