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Key figures

In 2015, the number of mediation requests levelled off sharply compared to 2014, after increasing very rapidly in the previous years.

The number of cases is still low, compared to the number of complaints pertaining to violations and other complaints addressed to the RATP Customer Service or its relevant subsidiaries.

72,000 complaints were submitted to RATP Customer Service in 2015. 1.6% of these complaints were subsequently addressed to the Mediator.

1,445,000 tickets for violations were issued on the RATP network in 2015. 527,000 of these fines were paid immediately via fixed penalty tickets or receipts, about 30% of the total. The remainder were issued violation tickets.

27,500 complaints were submitted to RATP Customer Service following a ticket being issued for a violation. Appeals were filed with the Mediator on 964 occasions concerning violations.

Violation-related complaints accounted for 86% of the cases handled by the Mediator in 2015.

The number of cases handled was relatively stable compared to 2014

739 cases were handled in 2015, compared to 795 in 2014.

632 cases pertained to fare violations and 107 for other reasons. The number of cases for other reasons increased slightly. They covered disputes pertaining to travel passes or requests for reimbursement, as well as one claim for damages following an operating incident.

More than half of the Mediator’s recommendations were favourable for customers

408 recommendations issued by the RATP Mediator were favourable or partially favourable for the customer, amounting to 55% of cases handled, compared to 38% in 2014.

326 recommendations – 45% of the total – rejected the customers’ complaint and upheld the decision made by Customer Service.