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Mediation team

The Mediator and her staff

Five staff members are on hand to handle mediation requests with the utmost care.

Whether you submit your request online or by mail, rest assured that your request will be analyzed exclusively by this team, which offers you a space for dialogue.

Each and every customer should be able to have access to a respectful and objective space where they can voice and discuss complaints as they work towards an amicable, out-of-court settlement of disputes. Above all, mediation implies an extremely rigorous investigative process, transparency, and of course complete independence.

Each case is important. In a tense society that is unfortunately beset by fears and doubts, it is important to provide answers. That is why listening carefully, reconstructing different viewpoints in an instructive way and looking for amicable solutions is so essential. Mediation allows us to find equitable, impartial solutions in compliance with the law – with fairness acting as a source of creativity – to re-establish confidence between consumers and our services.

From the moment a case is received until a solution is found, each case is unique and is given as much time as needed to reach a solution.

From left to right: Marie Derrier, Marie Rahman, Betty Chappe, Laurence Chartier, Cécile Quentin.

equipe mediatrice