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Requesting mediation


Complaints may be filed with the Mediator for any consumer-related disputes, including disputes relating to the sale of travel passes and tickets or the quality of service, or concerning a breach of regulations.

These disputes fall within the provisions for consumer ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) provided by regulation no. 2005-1033 of 20 August 2015 and its implementing decrees, through the transposition of European Directive 2013/11/EU of 21 May 2013.

Complaints may also be filed with the Mediator for disputes arising from construction work, and even from the very operation of transport services within the urban environment, essentially due to noise or visual pollution. However, since these disputes do not fall within the scope of consumer ADR regulations, they will not be processed in the same manner.

Cases pertaining to personal injury or crimes as well as lawsuits are excluded from the RATP Mediator’s scope of action.

The Mediator may be called on to settle disputes between a customer and RATP EPIC or one of its direct or indirect subsidiaries that have contractually agreed to have recourse through the services of the RATP Mediator.


The customer must first file a written complaint with RATP’s customer service department or with the subsidiary concerned, with RATP Group’s legal department or with the Navigo Agency. If the customer is not satisfied with the response, or does not receive a response after one month, he or she may then file a complaint with the Mediator within a period of up to one year from the date of the written complaint to RATP or its subsidiary, to the RATP Group’s legal department or to the Navigo Agency.

Specifically concerning breaches of regulations, customers may only file a complaint with the Mediator within a period of three months following the date of the breach of regulations. After this three-month period, the breach of regulations is sent to the Treasury.


Complaints may be filed with the Mediator either online or by post at the address indicated below. Please explain the situation as clearly as possible and include any supporting evidence.

For violations, the customer must carefully describe the precise circumstances of the breach of regulations and the points that are contested.

By post:

La Médiatrice de la RATP
54, quai de la Rapée
75599 Paris Cedex 12, France