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The RATP Group Mediator pledges to respect a values system based on independence, neutrality, impartiality and confidentiality. By its very nature, the Mediator’s action affirms the desire to facilitate the search for amicable solutions to disputes, and thus makes listening a duty, with respect for people, their opinions and their proposals.

The parties share the requested information and documents with the Mediator without breaching business secrecy or any other sensitive information. From this point on, RATP or the relevant subsidiary no longer deals directly with the customer. The Mediator shares some or all of the case-related documents at the request of either party. However, the principle of third-party confidentiality continues to apply to the mediation process.

In compliance with article 21-3 of law no. 95-125 of 8 February 1995 amended, relating to the organisation of jurisdictions as well as civil, criminal and administrative procedures, mediation is protected by the principle of confidentiality – except in cases where the parties expressly agree to the contrary – thus guaranteeing that none of the elements gathered during the mediation process will be communicated to third parties.

Consequently, no remarks or statements gathered during the process may be disclosed to third parties or produced at an arbitration or judicial hearing without the parties’ consent.

This confidentiality principle applies both to the RATP Group Mediator and to the parties participating in the mediation process.