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Filing periods and deadlines

For consumer-related disputes, and after receiving a response from RATP’s Customer Service or that of the relevant subsidiary with which he or she is not satisfied, or if a response is not received within one month, the plaintiff may file a complaint with the RATP Mediator, within a period of up to one year from the date of the initial written complaint made with the relevant Customer Service. For violations, plaintiffs have a 2-month filing period from the date of the violation. After this 2-month period, the violation is sent to the French Treasury, and collection of the fine is no longer RATP’s responsibility.

If the complaint proves to be inadmissible, the RATP Mediator will inform the plaintiff that the case has been rejected for mediation, within three weeks of the date that it was received.

Upon receipt of the documents that support the plaintiff’s request for mediation, the RATP Mediator notifies all parties in the dispute, either by email or by post, that a complaint has been filed. This notification reminds each party that they may withdraw from mediation at any moment.

A recommendation is issued at the latest within 90 days from the above mentioned date of notification. For complex disputes, and at any moment during the mediation process, the Mediator may elect to extend this response period, in which case she will inform all parties.

When communicating her recommendation, the RATP Mediator sets a deadline for each party to accept or reject the proposed solution.