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À demain : RATP declares its love for its customers

For over 70 years, RATP has been by the side of Île-de-France  residents during all their journeys. The RATP brand has thus become an integral part of their daily life. Today, RATP is promoting this strong, lasting relationship and unfailing closeness through its “à demain” brand platform. Our company focuses on passengers on a daily basis.  
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What is the “à demain (Till tomorrow!)” brand platform?

Since October 2020, RATP has launched a new brand territory for its RATP brand and communications strategy: the “à demain” (till tomorrow!) brand platform.
Our latest brand universe embodies our new service stance, which places people more than ever at the heart of our service concept, and our passengers at the centre of our daily concerns.


Can you hear the wind of change?

RATP's communications strategy now revolves around two brands.

  • On the one hand, RATP Group, as partner of sustainable and smart cities. This is the flagship as well as the “umbrella” brand for the Group's varied expertise, notably led by 6 subsidiary brands: RATP Connect, RATP Dev, RATP Habitat, RATP Real Estate, RATP Smart Systems, and RATP Travel Retail.
  • On the other hand, RATP, stands as the historic mobility operator in the Île-de-France region with Île-de-France Mobilités, its transport authority.

RATP’s Île-de-France network is one of the world’s densest with 12 million daily journeys, 2 RER lines, 14 metro lines, 7 tram lines and 350 bus routes. But above all, it is a company with 45,000 employees serving their customers on a daily basis.
In this period marked by an unprecedented health crisis, RATP has demonstrated more than ever its commitment to passengers and the general interest.




People at the heart of our values

This new brand platform places at the heart of its communications strategy the company's fundamental value of putting people first. This is the full meaning of its new brand signature “à demain” (till tomorrow!), which invites customers and RATP employees to come together every day with the promise of continuous improvement. Like all major service brands, the RATP brand is based on 3 essential pillars:

  1. Show customers that they are at the core of the company and its employees’ concerns, through the design of new services, of course, but also with the trusting relationship they form day after day.
  2. Show that RATP is working to constantly improve customer experience. With 12 million daily journeys, customer satisfaction is a major commitment that requires responsibility, perseverance and humility. It is a promise to do better every day and to take into account the natural evolution of its customer expectations.
  3. Provide passengers who use the network daily with dedicated attention that reveals RATP’s special soul. This is notably what the company offers through its cultural programme, which aims to create positive surprises for passengers during their journeys on the network.


A campaign to announce our commitment

RATP has launched a campaign featuring moments in the lives of passengers on the network. The campaign reflects the daily lives of these passengers and the wealth stemming from their diversity. Public transport can indeed create links not only between places, but also between people. The campaign is genuinely filled with kindness and makes the bold choice to speak in a direct and casual tone, casting a realistic view of urban transport. In this truth-speaking spirit, RATP's communications department chose to depict people wearing masks, as masks have become inseparable from good behaviour on the network.



Brand new graphic codes

  • A new signature, characteristic of the RATP brand service
  • The historic logo with the profile on the Seine
  • A wide range of colours
  • A simple, direct, emphatic and casual tone
  • A new typography, as if drawn by hand



On se revoit dans un dodo - A demain
N'oubliez pas de changer à Champ-de-Mars - A demain
Ca ressemble à un week end bien mérité - A demain

Some things to know

RATP’s current logo was created in 1992. It is comprised of a jade green circle and a blue line. At a glance, one can recognise a face looking towards the sky. This deliberate figure is a reminder of the human side of RATP’s activities. The oblique typography on RATP’s logo symbolises movement and dynamism, and evokes transport, which is at the very core of RATP’s activities. Astute viewers can see that by rotating the logo 50 degrees to the left, it turns into a simplified map of Paris, with the ring road in green and the Seine river in blue.


historique logo