Metro line 10: a line and its history

Do you know the history of metro line 10? It has been in service since 30 December 1923. Here is its story!


What is a catenary line? Discover how we power our trains!

Without the catenary line, our trains and tramways wouldn’t go anywhere! A…


Not too hot, not too cold: how can we maintain the right temperature for public transport?

Every day, we have to solve a complex equation: how to provide the best possible climate comfort for all our…


Join our team of bus drivers!

Do you enjoy driving? Do you have good people skills and like each day to be different? Become a bus driver!…


RATP la ligne shop at the BHV Marais department store

Don’t miss the RATP la ligne shop at BHV Marais!


RATP launches its TikTok channel!

Discover RATP now on the TikTok social network! You can expect: challenges, a focus on RATP jobs, quizzes, rides on…

galeries lafayette

The RATP la ligne shop is at Galeries Lafayette!

Don’t miss out on the RATP la ligne shop at Galeries Lafayette!

prise de parole

On board metro driver Naïma’s cab

Naïma, a driver on line 4 of the Île-de-France metro network, takes up the microphone every day to inform…


Play hopscotch in stations!

This famous game can now be found in stations. Several stations on the network offer this fixture. It is a…