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Restructuring the Vaugirard Workshops
Since 2016, restructuring works have been ongoing at the Vaugirard Workshops, in the 15th arrondissement in Paris. By 2029, this mixed-use project will lead to creating a true neighbourhood at the heart of the city.

Since 1910, the Vaugirard railway workshops have guaranteed maintenance activities for metro line 12, on a site spanning 2.3 hectares. More than a simple infrastructure renovation, the upgrade programme led by RATP Group and its real estate subsidiaries RATP Real Estate and RATP Habitat will result in a new Paris neighbourhood blending industrial activities, housing and public facilities. This major project is part of the memorandum of understanding signed with the City of Paris. Under the agreement, 2,000 new housing units will be created in Paris by 2024.

Bertrand Chabrol
The Vaugirard Workshops in 1992
Bertrand Chabrol

2.3 hectares will be restructured in two steps

First, the workshop dedicated to infrastructure maintenance vehicles will turn into a maintenance workshop for electric and electro-pneumatic equipment, as well as three lots of private and social housing. More specifically, 235 housing units, a daycare and food businesses will be built. Then, the train maintenance workshop (TMW) for metro line 12 will be restructured, along with the construction of approximately 50 social housing units (lot D). A total of approximately 285 housing units (54% social, 46% private) will be built on each side of a new street linking the Villa Lecourbe cul-de-sac with the rue Théodore Deck.


The project’s environmental aspect

The site was designed to reduce disturbances emanating from the worksite, optimise energy performance in buildings, and add greenery to spaces with green roofs, “suspended gardens” above the workshops, balconies and equipped terraces.

Something to know

This includes approximately 10,000 square metres of areas of greenery for the entire project (roofs, terraces and alley).

Lambert David/ONEBLOCK
Lambert David/ONEBLOCK

Project schedule

  • 2016 > 2018 – Preparatory works (phase 1 – EMW)
  • 2019 – Beginning of structural, foundations, levelling works
  • 2020 – Beginning of construction for the Equipment Maintenance Workshop (EMW) and lot B housing units
  • 2021 – Beginning of construction for lot C housing / Beginning of preparatory works for the TMW
  • 2022 – Beginning of construction for lot A housing units / Beginning of construction for the train maintenance work
  • 2023 - Commissioning of the EMW and delivery of lot B and C housing units
  • 2024 – Delivery of lot A housing units 
  • 2025 – Beginning of construction for lot D housing units
  • 2026 – Delivery of lot D housing units 
  • 2029 – Delivery of TMW


©RATP-INFRA / Gilbert Lasne
©RATP-INFRA / Gilbert Lasne
©RATP-INFRA / Gilbert Lasne

A look at the works’ progress

Phase 1 works were marked by the spectacular installation of mega-beams on the first floor of the Equipment Maintenance Workshop (EMW). The new workshop will begin operating in 2023. Half of its structure is already visible. Teams from the Cardinal Édifice consortium are at work to complete the structural works. Slabs, beams, posts, walls and stairs have taken shape up to the second floor. In July, the supersized framework’s installation was a highlight of the worksite. The beams, which measure up to 30 metres and weigh up to 50 tonnes, were delivered through oversize loads, at night, as required by regulations. They were installed by day, during normal worksite operating hours.
Preparatory works for phase 2 of the TMW will begin in February 2021.

Start of works for phase 1 of the Vaugirard Workshops from 2017 to 2020 - Video of project completion: DEVISUBOX

Les prochaines étapes, de 2023 à 2029

Supervisors teams

  • Designer and architect of the Equipment Maintenance Workshop (EMW): Dominique Lyon Architectes
  • Architects of Lot A: Hamonic et Masson & Associés 
  • Architects of lot B: Christ & Gantenbein et Margot Duclot Architectes Associés
  • Architect of Lot C : Ibos et Vitart
  • Architect of the train maintenance work: Bénédicte Bouvier-Tirant, architecte RATP
  • Architects of lot D: Atelier Martel et  Abinal & Ropars

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