Metro musicians: launch of the spring auditions!

Do you want to play music on the Paris metro network and perform for an audience? Try auditioning to be a metro musician! You can enrol for the auditions until September 2023.

Do you want to audition and try and become a metro musician? Seize the chance to audition in the upcoming session.

The auditions take place twice a year: once in spring and once in autumn. They are open to everyone and provide 300 musicians with the opportunity to perform on “one of Paris' greatest stages”: the metro network.

Nearly a thousand musicians will try their luck in Paris, in front of a jury made up of RATP staff and passengers, to obtain the precious title of Metro Musicians, allowing them to play in stations on the RATP network.

visuel musiciens du métro

What qualities are required to apply?

In addition to candidates’ musical ability and motivation, particular attention is paid to achieving stylistic and cultural diversity, reflecting the city and its passengers.

How do I enrol for the auditions?

Whether you’re a songwriter, composer, singer; whether you perform alone, as a duo or as part of a band, you can send your application by email to [email protected] until midnight on Friday 1st September 2022, and provide the following information: 

  • Surname
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date and place of birth
  • Instrument you play
  • Style/repertoire
  • Group members (please provide information for each group member)
montage photos musiciens du métro RATP

What is the “Musiciens du métro” label?

Created in 1997, the Metro Musician label has gradually turned the RATP station network into an important concert venue. Many well-known artists have made their debut there, such as Keziah Jones, Irma, William Baldé, Zaz, EMJI (winner of “Nouvelle Star” 2015), Clément Verzi (“The Voice” finalist in 2016), Claudio Capéo and Arcadian.

As part of RATP’s cultural mission, the Musiciens du Métro label meets several objectives:

  • provide passengers with quality musical entertainment in RATP stations to make their journeys more enjoyable;
  • promote young talents;
  • allow them to perform in metro stations where millions of people pass through every day, while remaining respectful of passengers;
  • provide them with a platform, by allowing them to participate in RATP partner festivals and events (Solidays, Art’Rock, Festival Chorus, and more).