A day with…

A day with … Yannick, electric bus driver

Have you ever ridden on line 21, which runs from Boulevard Haussmann to Parc Montsouris? Historically, this is our test line, and this is where we are testing our 100% electric bus. Climb aboard with Yannick, your driver.

Key number

of our bus fleet will be electric by 2025

“The day’s first pleasure? Starting up!”

Yannick begins his day at full speed. His daily routine is not all that different from our other bus drivers. It must be said that our electric buses look a lot like our “classic” buses. Accelerating, braking and steering, it’s all the same… more or less. Indeed, our goal is that, by the end of the trial phase, electric buses can be used in exactly the same way as the others.

“Even with a full load, it drives like a charm.”

“It’s rather pleasant to drive,” says Yannick. For passengers, the big advantage is the silence. That’s also good for the driver… and for others as well: “Let’s not forget that silence is a real bonus for local residents, too!” adds Yannick.

Another key point: they’re eco-friendly. Just plug it in to charge. That’s it. No more need for motor fuel. For both Yannick and his passengers, “It’s a tremendous improvement!”

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