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RATP launches its TikTok channel!

Discover RATP now on the TikTok social network! You can expect: challenges, a focus on RATP jobs, quizzes, rides on our lines and much more besides.

RATP now has an account on TikTok, the number one social network for 18 to 24-year-olds, and the most downloaded app in 2021. It allows users to post short, humorous or creative videos with a simple and direct tone.

This is not only an opportunity to go behind the scenes at RATP, but also to rediscover the company’s cultural heritage from a new angle: challenges, a focus on jobs in the various sectors and departments, quizzes, rides on the metro, bus, tram and RER lines and much more besides!

Several TikTok influencers have created new content to mark the launch of RATP’s account: @bovvary (470,000 followers) remixed the network’s iconic audio announcements: “This train terminates here. All passengers please exit the train.”, “Bajada por el lado izquierdo” and “Mind the gap” are thus transformed into soundtracks that provide a perfect illustration of the content to web users.

In addition, @elodiearnould, @racheldmt, and @unebriochesauvage, three other TikTok influencers, picked up on @bovvary’s audio tracks, and invited their hundreds of thousands of followers to do the same. 

Visit the official account @ratpofficiel now to discover their creations, and subscribe so you don’t miss future RATP posts!