Enter a heritage-themed poetry contest

If you like writing and are between 8 and 12 years old, you have until 20th December 2021 to unleash your creativity and write a poem about Parisian heritage. RATP, which has been promoting poetry for many years, is a proud partner of this competition, organized by the Île-de-France Region and Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC).

From now until 20th December 2021, young people aged 8 to 12 are invited to take part in Heritage in Poetry. They are invited to write a poem about their favorite heritage in the Île-de-France region with as much creativity as possible. Many fabulous prizes—museum admissions, culture vouchers, subscriptions to partner magazines, and much more—will be awarded to the winners of this contest in March 2022.

The contest in a nutshellChildren are asked to write a poem to describe their favorite monument or work of art in the Île-de-France region.
They must find their own style and present it well to be selected as one of the winners!
Whether in verse or prose, originality is the key, both in terms of choosing a piece of heritage and in the way it is written. In other words, the budding poets are encouraged to unleash their creativity and imagination!

  • There are many possible subjects to choose from, including monuments, natural heritage, transportation, rivers, industry, gastronomy, music, literature, art and much so more.
  • Artistic flair is welcome! The jury will pay particular attention to the originality of the work and the care taken in its execution. The poem can therefore be illustrated using drawing, painting, music, sculpture or video! 

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