For our passengers

Ensuring the protection of our passengers

In 1995, RATP set up a dedicated security command post comprised of two identical rooms, one operated by RATP and the other by the Rail Network Brigade.

Command post

The Security Command Post is where decisions for real-time interventions on the networks are made, whenever situations arise that threaten the safety of our passengers and staff. Ensuring the security and safety of public transport requires a combination of effective human partnership and a technique that optimises rapid decision-making and responsiveness by the command structure.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is a vital tool for security operations, which complements a dense and responsive human presence. Video surveillance systems complement and interact with all facilities related to intervention and operational coordination with the police force. More than simple surveillance, these systems contribute to a dynamic of protection based on anticipation, preservation and defence.

Thanks to the system’s very dense coverage, RATP – when judicially requisitioned – releases the images recorded by its video surveillance cameras to the Police and Gendarmerie’s investigative services.


  • Tranquillity of passengers
  • Clearing up of doubts, when requisitioned
  • Protection of passengers, staff and infrastructure
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Help with maintenance
  • Operational safety


Nearly 20,000 video surveillance cameras are installed on board our buses and trams. In our metro and RER stations, some 10,000 cameras can be viewed by the RATP and Police Security Command Posts in real-time, and on a deferred basis for a period of 72 hours (only when requisitioned by the public prosecutor).

New generation or renovated trains and cars are also equipped with video cameras. Images are recorded on hard drives and can also be visualised, depending on the type of hardware, by the driver.

Key figures

video recordings approx., via more than 10,000 cameras installed in our spaces, and more than 30,000 cameras on board our rolling stock.

Canine division

To ensure the protection of people and property on our networks, RATP has developed numerous security resources, including a canine division. Its mission is to reinforce the GPSR network security teams, particularly in zones that are known to be tough. Now that the professionalism of this entity has been recognised, its mission has been expanded to include training and expertise.

RATP’s canine division is authorised to validate the operational value of a dog and handler team and their aptitude to operate in public spaces. Under the decree of 20/01/2014 published in the Journal Officiel of 30/01/2014, RATP’s canine division trains the dog handler security agent to be in contact with the public, and delivers the class V diploma. This title is registered in the National Register of Professional Certification. A specially designed space is dedicated to practical techniques and the training of teams. For dogs, the training programme focuses on:

  • Impeccable behaviour in terms of position, posture, reactions and obedience;
  • Real aptitude to distinguish between friendly encounters, conflictual jostling, and potential danger;
  • Understanding of the handler’s orders, and absolute obedience.

Safety Prévention