Passenger information / Operating system

Multimodal, multimedia information in real-time

Our systems provide passengers with information that allows them to prepare and optimise their journeys, to see real-time traffic information while they’re on the move, and to be notified in case of an incident, so that they can rapidly find the best alternative mobility solutions.

How long before the next bus? Is the traffic on my line fluid or at a standstill? Providing passengers with reliable, real-time information about their itinerary is now a key part of client relations and quality transport services. Consequently, we have made passenger information one of our priorities, and a core part of our expertise.

Multimodal information

We deploy innovative tools and services to provide “seamless” passenger information that incorporates data from other transport service providers. We convey contextualised multimodal information on our displays in public areas via a dedicated web interface that allows us to provide an optimised, comprehensive passenger experience.

Key figures

million itinerary searches each day on and on the RATP app

We produce customised mobile apps that contain static on-board information when offline and dynamic information when connected to the internet.

Spearheading RATP’s digital eco-system, our mobile app has a 98% awareness rate among users of Île-de-France apps. It proposes a geolocalised map on the home page, the times of the next bus, tram, metro or RER in real-time, and the availability of nearby Vélib' bike sharing service. In a glance, passengers can visualise all of the mobility services in their vicinity.

Gemm, an app targeting the multimodal mobility generation, is proposed by our subsidiary RATP Dev in the communities served by its networks. It provides totally transversal, geolocalised information that integrates all of the area’s transport modes (bus, tramway, interurban rail, auto sharing, ride sharing, etc.).

Key figures

passengers use the “monRER A” app daily

The app “monRER A”, available from AppStore and PlayStore, allows passengers of the RER A, the backbone of the Île-de-France transport network, to visualise their position in real-time and to monitor the progression of trains in circulation, as well as to display estimated travel times and the times of the next trains.

Mobility centres adapted to local communities

We design mobility centres that propose reliable, updated, and exhaustive information, accessible via several media channels, covering the transport services of a given city, département or region.

Our RATP Smart Systems (formerly Ixxi) subsidiary’s Smart Mob® platform allows passengers to optimise their daily commutes. In the event of a traffic disruption, Smart Mob® calculates the shortest travel time, either by reducing the wait times at stops or by proposing alternative itineraries. The passenger is informed in real-time about the disruptions or receives information about an alternative transport mode depending on her or his location. Itineraries are calculated according to several modes of transport: commuter rail, metro, bus, ride sharing, etc.

Real-time information via our IMAGE displays

In our metro and RER stations in the Île-de-France region, our IMAGE displays (Information Multimodale Généralisée dans les Espaces) come in several sizes and, in real-time, allow passengers to see waiting times, the traffic status on various lines, and even safety and security recommendations. As part of the network’s accessibility, IMAGE displays are designed to be easy to read and understand.

Key figures

3 000
new generation “IMAGE” displays have been deployed in the Parisian network

Zenway tactile displays for itinerary searches

The large Zenway tacile displays deployed in our Île-de-France network allow passengers to make multimodal itinerary searches, and also provide access to practical information about the station’s surrounding area (map, address search, points of interest, available services), all in 7 languages. 60 Zenway displays were already in service on the Île-de-France network by late 2017.


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