Line 14: Discover the artwork of the artist Kimsooja at Mairie de Saint-Ouen station

Have you ever noticed the artwork 'To Breathe' by the artist Kimsooja at Mairie de Saint-Ouen station on Line 14?

"To Breathe" is the name of the installation by the contemporary artist Kimsooja, situated in the interchange hall of Mairie de Saint-Ouen station.

This artwork is an immersive installation that utilizes the principle of light diffraction to create a sensory and poetic atmosphere meant to resonate with all generations of travelers. On the glass walls surrounding the void of the interchange hall overlooking the metro tracks, rays of light break into multiple spectrums of color, acting as a 'three-dimensional painting,' transforming the space. Each moment becomes a unique experiential instance.

oeuvre de l'artiste Kimsooja à la station Mairie de Saint-Ouen

Kimsooja, a contemporary artist

Kimsooja is a multidisciplinary and conceptual contemporary artist from Korea. Her work encompasses performances, films, photographs, and installations that play with light and sound. She invites us to question our existences, the world we live in, and more broadly, the challenges of our time.

The cultural policy of RATP

Since its inception, RATP has reserved a significant space for art within its stations. The fusion of transportation and culture has always been essential. This objective continues today, driven by two strong intentions of the company:

  • Making art and culture accessible to everyone.
  • Enhancing and embellishing the daily commutes of its customers.

On a daily basis, RATP's cultural policy manifests across its network through the presence, staging, or integration of various forms of artistic expression such as painting, photography, music, and poetry.