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Navigo Liberté +

Do you want to travel at a lower price on the transport network (except RER/trains outside Paris) and pay for your journeys the following month? Navigo Liberté + is what you need !

  • Busratp
  • Metro
  • Tram
Number of journeys : unlimited
Ideal for : passengers in the Île-de-France region who occasionally travel with t + tickets.

How it works ?

After subscribing to the Navigo Liberté + service, you can start traveling by validating your Navigo pass at the start of each trip. Every month, your trips are counted and you will be charged the following month for the total amount of your trips.
You can travel within the following perimeter:

•    Metro - RER/train trips in Paris (zone 1),
•    Buses,
•    Orlybus and Roissybus routes (except Orlyval),
•    Tram and Tzen, except tram express lines (T11, T12 and T13)
•    Montmartre funicular.
Note: Navigo Liberté + can only be loaded onto a personalized Navigo pass (with your first name, last name and photo).


How much does it cost ?

Each trip costs €1.73 (except OrlyBus/RoissyBus), but if you make several trips during the day you will pay a maximum of €8.65 (daily cap on the total amount of your trips - excluding OrlyBus/RoissyBus)ss. If you benefit from reduced fares, each trip (except Orlybus and Roissybus) costs €0.84. And if you don't travel for a month or more, you pay nothing!

Note: the contract can be terminated at any time and without charge.

How long is it valid and are transfers possible?

On the metro, RER and train networks in Paris or the Montmartre funicular, you can travel for up to 1.5 hours.
The following connections, without exiting the station, will be charged as one trip:

•    Metro-metro trip,
•    RER/train-RER/train trip within Paris
•    Metro-RER/train, except between Pont-Cardinet (train) and Saint-Lazare (metro)

Note: the Montmartre funicular is charged as a separate trip.

On the bus, tram and Tzen you can travel for up to 1.5 hours. Connections between buses, trams and Tzen are charged as one trip. Round trips and interrupted trips on the same bus, tram or Tzen line (even if the trip is made within one hour and thirty minutes) will be charged as new bus/tram journeys.

And thanks to Navigo Liberté +, you save money! If you make a bus/tram trip before and/or after an RER trip in Paris/metro within one hour and thirty minutes, you will be charged for only one trip.

General Conditions of Use

To read the General Conditions of Use, click here

How do I subscribe to Navigo Liberté +?

You can subscribe to Navigo Liberté + either on the website ,at a Comptoir-Club or from an RATP approved vendor.

What are the specific rules?

When you travel on Noctilien bus routes:

  • 1 trip made on the 2-digit Noctilien bus routes and the N135 route will be charged at the price of €1,73 (€ 0.86 if you benefit from reduced fares)
  • 1 trip made on the other Noctilien routes will be charged €3.46 (€ 1.72 if you benefit from the reduced rate)

Transfers are possible between two Noctilien buses as long as you validate each ride.