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Benjamin, civil engineer

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  • 35 years old
  • Geo-engineer
  • At RATP since 2014

Benjamin constantly has his eye on the RATP network. In particular, he observes it from the sky, thanks to a cutting-edge technology: radar interferometry, in other words, satellite observation. His job: following the network’s evolution over time to ensure its longevity. Or how RATP's engineering excellence is put at the service of upgrading and preserving the network.

What is exciting is using the most modern techniques to manage a century-old heritage system with magnificent structures, to help these structures pass the test of time in the best way.

Civil engineer

To offer an ever more secure, reliable and efficient transport service, every day. This is the ambition of RATP and Benjamin's teams, one of whose tasks is to monitor the network’s bridges and viaducts to best anticipate the impact of soil movements on their structure.

Did you know?

of above-ground network is under satellite control

But also...

  • More than 1,200,000 measurement points

“We are establishing a Geographic Information System, consisting of a dynamic and data-bearing plan in which all the structures are present. Photos of the network are taken every ten days by satellite to detect the smallest land movement or change in relief.”

Discover a job in which century-old structures meet the latest technologies.

The transition to satellite technology has been a real revolution. This culture of innovation, based on cutting-edge expertise, is a strength that RATP is keen to develop.

“The conventional method consists in fixing targets to the structure to measure movements. This method is very precise, but it is cumbersome to implement. Observation and measurement by satellite is a new, complementary approach that allows us to be more agile and hence more reactive in case of a need for intervention.”

Benjamin and his team have developed all the necessary tools for the optimal exploitation of this high-tech innovation.

Benjamin, civil engineer - Denis SUTTON
Benjamin, civil engineer - Denis SUTTON
Benjamin, civil engineer - Bruno MARGUERITE
Benjamin, civil engineer - Bruno MARGUERITE
Benjamin, civil engineer - Bruno MARGUERITE
Benjamin, civil engineer - Nick&Chloé

Precision, coordination and observation are essential qualities in Benjamin's job.

“What I find great about my job at RATP is to be able to work on such a rare and precious heritage system, while using state-of-the-art technologies.”

Benjamin, an engineer who puts his heart and soul into his work!

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