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Valérie, rolling stock maintenance operator

Maintenance operators take care of rolling stock to guarantee passenger safety and comfort every day. Valérie, who works at the Boulogne workshop, in charge of line 9 trains, presents her job to us.


It should be noted that RATP recruited more than 3,100 new employees in the Ile-de-France region in 2017. This dynamic is linked to the large number of ongoing and future projects, including line upgrades and extensions, meeting the company’s new needs and supporting its development to meet the challenges of sustainable and connected mobility. The need remains high for jobs related to network operations and maintenance.
Within the context of our recruitment campaign, RATP plans to emphasise the particular interest that these jobs hold for women, with the goal of increasing the proportion of women in its workforce (currently standing at only 20%). RATP has an active policy of attracting more female candidates, especially for driving, maintenance and security roles.

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