A day with…

A day with… Nabil, Open Tour bus driver

Did you know that RATP is also active in sightseeing tours? Open Tour is our panoramic sightseeing bus service, which provides passengers with an exceptional view of Paris. Whether you are a tourist or a curious Parisian, when you board our buses, our drivers take care of you. Nabil is one of our drivers, and he shares with us here his daily routine!

For more than three years, Nabil, age 26, has been a driver and fare collector for our Open Tour subsidiary. In the morning, as soon as he arrives at the bus depot, he begins by inspecting his bus and ensuring the proper functioning of its main safety devices. He then checks with traffic control for any events scheduled in Paris that he might want to avoid.

Key number

buses operate on the Open Tour circuit, which has 50 stops

01. Key missions: to welcome passengers, drive the bus, and sell tickets

With 100 monuments served by our tour, our panoramic sightseeing buses get top billing with numerous tourists. Nabil and his colleagues are frequently asked to provide information on the opening and closing hours of museums, riverboats and restaurants.

Key number

passengers take the Open Tour each year.

A cute story?

During a ‘Paris by night’ tour, a passenger asked me to stop at the Eiffel Tower so that he could propose to his fiancé. I made sure we arrived at the Tower before it was illuminated, so that the lights flashed on just as my client proposed.

Open Tour bus driver

The passenger was delighted – and he obviously had an unforgettable evening!

Open Tour also operates in London (Original Tour) and New York (Open Loop).

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