Network modernisation

Metro line 2 goes through the wash!

The train-washing machine project for metro line 2 is part of a wider scheme started by RATP in the 1970s, which consists in installing a train-washing machine for each metro line, to clean rolling stock daily.

The train-washing machine for metro line 2 will be located in a tunnel on a secondary track connecting the Nation terminus with the train maintenance workshops, located at rue de Lagny in the Paris 20th arrondissement

machine à laver l2

To complete this project successfully, preliminary work to renew track infrastructure must be carried out:

  • Replacement of worn ballast (the bed of crushed stone that supports the sleepers)
  • Replacement of tracks and sleepers (parts usually made of wood, laid across the track under the rails, to maintain the track’s gauge and gradient) on the connecting track between line 2 and the maintenance workshops
  • Installation of a base camp (specific area for site personnel and equipment storage) and site access near the site at La Petite Ceinture. The entrance will be located at Cours de Vincennes.
machine à laver

This dual project will start with a preparatory work phase from 23 November 2020 and will run until July 2021.

The work will not impact traffic on line 2. Work will take place mainly during the week (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 a.m. to no later than 8:00 p.m. and, exceptionally, during the weekend. On rare occasions and if needed, night work may also take place. This night work will not generate noise pollution.