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Looking for new perspectives on your academic orientation and/or professional career?
RATP organises about 1500 internships each year, for students from grade 9 through Bac+5 (5 years of higher education). Our internships vary in duration: from 7 days for grade 9 students in work experience programmes, to as long as 6 months for end-of-studies internships. From the start of your internship, you will be immersed in your host team’s daily routine. As the days go by, you will enrich your theoretical knowledge, putting it into practice as you develop your skills.

Key figures

internships were organised in 2016, which can be broken down as follows: 66% in maintenance and engineering, 20% in operations, 14% in other departments

Our engagement

To share with you the richness and diversity of our career opportunities, projects and expertise, not only in public transport and passenger services, but also in maintenance and engineering.

Through your internship with us, you will discover what goes on behind-the-scenes, meet our employees and learn about the variety of career opportunities and their challenges.

We make sure the internships we propose match your educational background and training.

Our internship advisors do all they can to ensure that your experience with our company plays a key role in the construction of your professional project. To achieve this, they accompany you throughout your internship and facilitate your integration within our teams.

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