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Our employment policy
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A dynamic employment policy on behalf of the Group’s sustainable development

Today, RATP is at the forefront of large-scale projects such as the Grand Paris Express, Bus 2025, metro automation and the development of the tramway network. These are all advantages that will strengthen our global leadership and guarantee the development of our business and revenues.

To meet these challenges, we must attract new talent, engineers and young graduates, while pursuing quality recruitments for operator positions.

The RATP Group brings together skills on behalf of large-scale projects.

With nearly 3000 new hires on average each year in our 234 different lines of business, we are one of the biggest recruiters in the Île-de-France region.

We’re looking for candidates with a wide variety of profiles

Bac, Bac pro, Bac+1 and candidates without a high school diploma

If you have a baccalaureate or professional baccalaureate degree, or have completed 1 year of higher education (Bac+1), or are a candidate who does not have a high school diploma, we are seeking women and men to fill positions in the following areas:

Operations and passenger services

  • Bus drivers with a D drivers’ license
  • Metro operators
  • Metro or RER station agents
  • Security agents
  • Ticket inspectors


  • Mechanic for industrial vehicles
  • Mechanic for rail rolling stock
  • Boilermakers
  • Welders
  • Maintenance agents
  • Electromechanics
  • Technicians

2-3 years of higher education (Bac+2/3)

5+ years of higher education (Bac+ 5 or more)

A policy promoting job insertion and equal opportunity

We are a public service company that is socially responsible and caring. Over the years, our voluntarism has not waned and we continue to support the sustainable integration of youth in employment, including job insertion and work experience programmes (professionalization and apprenticeship contracts).

As part of our professionalization contracts, we propose two types of work experience training programmes:

  • Qualification training allows you to acquire vocational qualification for an “operator” profession: metro or RER station agent, bus driver, track layer, etc.


  • Degree training enables you to obtain a diploma: CAP, Bac Pro, BTS, DUT, Licence pro, Engineering diploma, Masters and the post-graduate Mastère Spécialisé (MS).

These training programmes are conducted under short-term contracts (from 6 to 24 months) with the place of work designated as the Île-de-France region.

As part of our apprenticeship contracts, our apprentices study at the CFA apprentice training centre. The duration of their contract or apprenticeship depends on the job title or degree they are working towards. It can vary between 1 and 3 years.

Lastly, special CAE job contracts (contrats d’accompagnement dans l’emploi) are designed to provide lasting social insertion by means of either a mission, access to training or, where appropriate, employment via the development of a professional project.

Our policy of promoting work experience training programmes is based on the transfer of knowledge and skills between generations.

In partnership with schools, we take actions aimed at making our job opportunities and projects visible to both middle and high school students at a key moment in their scholastic orientation, as well as to students throughout their course of study to attract new talent.

Through these actions, we intend to show our determination to make our career opportunities in public transport a factor in the integration and development of urban solidarity, by fostering intergenerational bonds.

Attached to diversity

Through our business and the communities we serve, we are a vector of communication and dialogue with all of our passengers.

In terms of diversity, we take actions to increase the number of women on our teams, to diversify our job profiles, to integrate persons with disabilities, and to develop actions geared towards young people.

Consequently, we offer our future employees access to a wide variety of professions that are open to anyone who wishes to join us.

Convinced that a greater number of women in the workplace and diversity are key performance factors, in our 4th agreement in favour of gender equality in the workplace and wage equality we have committed ourselves to significantly increasing the percentage of women in our work force. To promote the role of women in our sector of activity, which is more spontaneously associated with a man’s world, we encourage women to apply for all of our job openings, including technical jobs, whether in operations, maintenance, engineering or support functions.

We have also signed an agreement in favour of employing persons with disabilities. In this way, we continue to implement job insertion measures that enable persons with disabilities to access employment. We are developing awareness campaigns in the professional environment on the theme of disabilities in the workplace, in order to facilitate the integration of persons with disabilities in our teams.

Lastly, we are strengthening our partnerships and our use of service providers that employ persons with disabilities.

Opportunities to develop your skills throughout your career

While recruiting and attracting motivated personnel and young talent is one of our priorities, retaining our employees is also an issue. In this respect, we have set up dynamic policies to promote skills development, rich and varied career paths, including the possibility of changing lines of business, and social advancement.

At RATP, we do not recruit staff only on the basis of a position to be filled, but also with a career path in mind, one that responds to the challenges of the Group’s development while meeting the aspirations of our employees.

Thanks to a substantial investment in training and individualised career support for our staff, we enable our employees to acquire and develop skills, and to strengthen their motivation throughout the course of their professional life. 

Internships let you discover our career opportunities and let us identify your talent


Key figure

is the number of trainees we welcome each year.

Our internship policy creates a win-win situation: for you, it’s the opportunity to acquire new perspectives on your vocational education or to validate your engineering curriculum; for us, it’s the chance to pre-recruit you as an employee.


The internship will allow you to discover what goes on behind-the-scenes, learn about the challenges we face, meet our employees, and find out more about the variety of career opportunities we offer. We propose internships ranging from one week to 6 months.


To allow you to enrich your theoretical knowledge and put it into practice, we make sure the internships we propose match your educational background and training. A tutor will accompany you throughout your internship and facilitate your integration within our teams.

Our employees will do all they can to ensure that your experience with our company plays a key role in the construction of your professional project.

In 2016, we favoured internships for female students in grade 9 and higher with a programme to discover our career opportunities.

To apply for an internship, just click on the offer. If you do not find a suitable offer online, you may also submit a request for an internship via our website: Once your request is received, it will be consulted by our HR teams. If they find a suitable internship offer for you, they will contact you directly.

From recruitment to integration in our workforce

In just a few steps, discover the career paths that are open to you based on your profile

  • For those with no high school diploma to bac+2 (2 years of higher education), consult the schema below describing your recruitment process:
  1. You respond to a job offer
  2. If your application is accepted
  3. You will pass a series of tests
  4. You will be given a job interview
  5. You will be given a medical check-up for hiring purposes
  6. You will be integrated within our teams and start work
  7. And then...


  • If you are BAC +2 or higher (2 or more years of higher education): 
  1. You respond to a job offer
  2. If your application is accepted
  3. You will pass a series of tests
  4. You will be given a job interview
  5. You will be given a medical check-up for hiring purposes
  6. You sign your job contract
  7. You will be integrated within our teams and start work
  8. And then...

Consult the recruitment process in detail by clicking here


Joining RATP means...

Giving meaning to your professional commitment, reconciling your civic, social and ecological aspirations with your daily work, developing your career within a global leader in public transport, and rapidly taking on responsibilities and developing your managerial skills.