Operations / Maintenance

Operations and maintenance: for dependable, comfortable and smooth flowing transport services

Safe, reliable and punctual… In the Île-de-France region and around the world, we operate and maintain tens of thousands of kilometres of metro, bus and tramway lines, as well as urban and interurban rapid rail systems. We do everything we can to ensure greater safety and security, network availability, and service regularity.

We are continually striving to maintain our networks’ edge by anticipating passengers’ new demands and expectations, to better accompany them throughout their journey. Real-time information, geolocalisation of trains and vehicles, monitoring of travel times… we have an exceptional multimodal expertise when it comes to improving passenger flows, service quality and operating conditions in our networks. To strengthen our relations with passengers, we are developing tools and solutions using the latest digital technology.

In the United States, we offer operating and maintenance services in ground and rail transport, and work with 31 public transport service providers. Between Johannesburg and Pretoria, we operate the Gautrain, the African continent’s most modern train line. In Mumbai, we operate metro line 1, a project conducted through a public-private partnership, the first of its kind in the Indian rail market.

Day in and day out, in Paris and around the globe, our maintenance teams guarantee the performance and availability of our equipment and rolling stock: buses and trains, but also stations, tracks, elevators, catenary lines… We achieve this by mobilising numerous skills ranging from electrical engineering and digital technology to rail signalling and civil engineering.

A warm welcome and easy-to-understand signage

Attentive to our passengers’ needs, our bus operating teams and underground networks’ station staff are trained to provide the best service possible. The agents in our metro and RER stations in the Île-de-France network are equipped with interactive tablets that give them access to real-time traffic information.

In our underground networks, good signage helps guide passengers easily to their platforms and connections, and facilitates access to the city, cultural points of interest, and major facilities in the vicinity (hospitals, government buildings, shopping centres…). The new Trait d’Union signage system deployed on our Île-de-France network allows passengers to rapidly identify our ticket sales and information desks, as well as digital services.

Facilitating access to all modes of transport thanks to specially-tailored mobility offers is one of our priorities. Our Equisens programme deployed in the Île-de-France network is designed to help orient and guide passengers with sensorial or cognitive disabilities through our spaces, thanks to improved lighting, acoustics, signage and information. The programme notably aims to render staircases more secure by introducing tactile warning strips, contrasting nosers and risers, and extended handrails.

Getting passengers to be more attentive for more serene travel

We listen to our passengers’ opinions, and attach great importance to building their awareness of the need to use public transport more responsibly. In the Île-de-France region as well as in our other networks, we regularly launch campaigns to underscore the fundamentals of serene mobility: we call on passengers to be more vigilant, because too many accidents are caused by carelessness; we build public awareness about incivilities, which are a real bother for other passengers; we combat fraud…

Optimised networks via data mining

The masses of data generated by the operation of a public transport network can be analysed to make precise forecasts of passenger traffic. GLOBAL, our traffic forecasting tool, helps us to scale and evaluate network extension projects (line creations and extensions). Following successful testing on the Casablanca tramway, and using innovative algorithms, we have developed tools for a predictive analysis of passenger traffic that allow us to better adapt supply to demand.

Sharing our expertise

Capitalising on the successful transfer of knowledge since the opening of Algiers’ first metro line, our RATP Dev subsidiary has opened a local training institute dedicated to rail transport related professions. The institute has trained versatile supervisors capable of handling operational engineering functions and training. The first Algerian employees to be recruited are now autonomous and can run the Algiers metro on their own.

Key figures

of trains arrive on time in the metro network that we operate in Algiers

Maintenance is the key to performance

As the owners of our Île-de-France rail network, we are constantly working to guarantee safety and performance via maintenance projects that are often complex, such as the viaduct restoration projects on certain metro lines, where the addition of new systems over the decades has created a mille-feuille of overlapping technology.

On the strength of the expertise we have developed over the decades through the successful modernisation of our Île-de-France rail network, we were named the infrastructure manager for the new Grand Paris Express. We will be responsible for guaranteeing the safety and availability of its new automated metro lines.

Switching from preventative to predictive maintenance reduces the risk of breakdown and optimises the economic operation of a transport system. In the Île-de-France region, we have initiated a project based on satellite radar interferometric technology to monitor certain engineering works. The analysis of radar images taken by the same satellite at different times should enable us to discern any deterioration in these structures, thanks to increasingly precise and frequent measurements. In the end, this should replace auscultation in the field as the better method for anticipating the need for repairs.

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