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Maintenance: RER line A transforms into a worksite every night

RER line A is a priority for us. Every night, 75 worksites are set up: their purpose is to maintain all the technical installations essential to the transportation of nearly 1.1 million passengers daily. Find out what a maintenance night on RER line A looks like.

RER line A is a permanent worksite. Every night between 1:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., the line is teeming with activity: teams are dispatched all over to carry out preventive or curative maintenance operations when defects requiring intervention have been observed over the previous days.

What is difficult about it? Organising everything successfully so that passengers who take the line the next morning do not notice anything!

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Key figure

million journeys are made every year on RER line A.

The 600 staff members working every night succeed in renewing 30 km of rail track every year - and this on a line with the highest level of traffic in Europe, with nearly 1.1 million passengers every day.

If our work is done properly, no one notices it. We are proud when no one talks about us and when we are congratulated once a year because we have achieved our service quality goals!

Track unit Director of our Infrastructure Management Department

Maintenance night on RER Line A

RER A line Maintenance Maintenance works