Network modernisation

New on metro line 6

New trains on metro line 6 are gradually coming into service. Read more about them here!

Metro line 6, a landmark of the Parisian skyline, is getting a makeover. New trains on metro line 6, financed by Île-de-France Mobilités, are gradually making an appearance. The first train came into service in mid-January 2023, with ten more to follow throughout the year. Their deployment will then continue in stages until 2026, with a total of 47 trains making up the fleet.

ligne 6

To prepare for the arrival of these trains, numerous upgrades and adaptations to facilities and infrastructure have taken place in recent months. These include platforms, tracks, signalling systems, the control system, new garaging sites for the trains, and washing and maintenance facilities for rolling stock. The aim of these major works is to further improve service for all passengers.

ligne 6
Train on display before being put into service on metro line 6. Copyright: Gilbert Lasne.


Eventually, the arrival of these new trains will be accompanied by a new train repair centre located under Place de la Nation. Hence, the deployment of these trains will further increase traffic reliability and frequency for the benefit of all passengers.

MP89s transferred from metro line 4 to metro line 6

MP73 trains have been in service on metro line 6 since the 1970s. To upgrade the line and allow a more comfortable distribution of passengers on board, metro line 6 will now be running upgraded MP89 trains, previously in service on metro line 4.


ligne 6
Trains on display in the maintenance workshop. Copyright: Gilbert Lasne.

To best adapt these trains financed by Île-de-France Mobilités, the MP89s will undergo several upgrades:

  • The number of carriages will be reduced from six to five, to adapt to the shorter platforms on metro line 6;
  • They will be fitted with “mixed” doors that open on either side of the train, to adapt to certain stations such as Charles de Gaulle – Étoile;
  • On-board security cameras have been installed;
  • Seats and ceilings have been renovated;
  • On-board signage has also been renovated.

Meanwhile, metro line 4 has taken delivery of new automated metro trains. To find out more about this project, click here.

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