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Cardboard t+ ticket packs of 10 says au revoir

As a further step in the upgrading of transport tickets, cardboard t+ ticket packs of 10 will be phased out from October 2021. More practical and economical solutions are now available.

What are the alternatives?

If you are a regular passenger but want to keep your freedom:

  • Navigo Liberté + :

Travel by validating your pass at every step of your journey. Each month, your journeys are counted and the following month you are debited for the total amount of your journeys. All information regarding Navigo Liberté + can be found here.

You are an infrequent passenger or a tourist:

  • Contactless t+ ticket packs of 10 will be available for sale and it will be 2€ cheaper than the cardboard t+ packs of 10:

With a Navigo Easy pass, sold for €2, which can be topped up from ticket machines at all stations and ticket counters, at approved retailers, or at any time using your smartphone via the Île-de-France Mobilités and Bonjour RATP applications. All information regarding Navigo Easy can be found here.

  • With your smartphone, the Île-de-France Mobilités, Bonjour RATP and SNCF Assistant applications can be used to validate your ticket, provided your phone is compatible.

More information here.

You sometimes take the bus:

You can also use your Android or iOS phone to make use of tickets, with two options:

  • Use your phone to top up your pass;
  • Or use your phone to store tickets and validate them (for compatible Android phones only.

See compatible smartphones for these two services.

Staff members at the stations will be happy to provide you with information on the ticket that best suits your needs.

Why are cardboard t+ ticket packs of 10 being phased out?

Cardboard t+ ticket packs of 10 are part of the history of public transport in the Île-de-France region, but after so many years of good and loyal service, they are being phased out in favor of more advantageous alternatives:

  • No more demagnetization: every year, nearly 5 million tickets are demagnetized because they are placed near keys or coins.
  • No more lost tickets: on average, 1 ticket from a pack of 10 is not used because it is lost, damaged or forgotten. Grouped together on a pass or a phone, they are sure to be found and used.
  • Faster and more secure: contactless technology saves time and is a cleaner way to use public transport. Contactless tickets facilitate swiping at ticket barriers and ensure compliance with protective measures.


About the phasing out of t+ ticket packs of 10:

Will the cardboard ticket eventually disappear? If so, when?

  • There is no plan to completely eliminate the cardboard ticket at this time. It will still be possible to buy some cardboard tickets: the single t+ ticket and the origin-destination ticket, which allows you to travel to the suburbs, will still be available as cardboard tickets.

After the switch-over, will I be able to use my cardboard t+ ticket packs of 10 purchased before 2022?

  • Even after the switch-over, you can continue to use any remaining cardboard t+ tickets.

I want to buy tickets for a group of passengers in advance: whom should I contact?

  • For now, you can buy contactless t+ ticket packs of 10 at tickets counters.

Then the Key Accounts department will handle this request (the minimum purchase amount is €300). Please contact them at the following email address: [email protected].

What are our European neighbors doing?

  • The global trend is to use contactless solutions. This trend has been prompted by the global health crisis we are experiencing.

A few examples:
- Brussels stopped using magnetic tickets in 2016;
- In London, passengers now favor the Oyster Card over cardboard tickets.

About alternative solutions:

Why is it useful to adopt the new ticketing service (Navigo Easy, Navigo Liberté +, etc.) today?

  • For practical reasons: the new ticketing services are contactless. Validating is easier, there is no more demagnetization and it limits contact.
  • There is no more waiting at ticket machines in stations. Online services and services like Navigo Easy can be topped up with the Île-de-France Mobilités and Bonjour RATP apps.
  • Another advantage: less paper means less waste. 28 million tickets were sold in packs of 10 in 2019. And yet, discarded in the street, a metro ticket, just like a cigarette butt, takes one year to decompose.