Metro line 4 heading for automation
Launched more than a century ago between Porte d’Orléans and Porte de Clignancourt, line 4 is central to the Paris network, serving the major SNCF stations and strategic hubs like Châtelet. After its extension to Mairie de Montrouge in March 2013, we are now taking up a new technological challenge to better meet passengers’ needs, by launching the complete traffic automation on line 4.

A history of technological innovation

After the successes of the metro metro line and the automation of line metro metro , the automation of line metro metro is a technological challenge that draws on RATP’s unique expertise. This approach, lead with Île-de-France Mobilités, demonstrates our wish to better meet passengers’ needs and the new pace of urban life.

Transformation of the line began in 2016 with the raising of the platforms and continues with the installation of platform edge doors in the stations.

Key figure:

Over 5,000
of platform edge doors are installed before the arrival of driverless trains

The line is running during works

Most of the work to automate line 4, including the installation of platform edge doors, is carried out at night, with no effect on daily journeys. However, occasional closures of stations or sections may be staggered over time. Some stations require major works, which may lead to their complete closure for up to three months.

Essais des navettes et des systèmes

Des espaces rénovés et repensés

Les quais des stations vont être entièrement rénovés afin d’améliorer l’accueil et le confort des voyageurs, avec des espaces chaleureux, des assises conviviales, un carrelage et un revêtement de sol modernisés, des quais mis à niveau et de nouveaux éclairages. Actuellement les revêtements sont en cours de pose à la suite de la pose des façades de quai.


Pose des prototypes des coins salons de la ligne 4

Towards a driverless line

As with lines 1 and 14 of the Paris metro, the platforms at the 27 stations on line 4 will be separated from the tracks by platform edge doors. Providing increased passenger safety, these doors have been shown to improve service on lines where they have been installed. This is the first step towards automating train traffic. The line is running normally and uninterrupted during this time, still using drivers.

Works timetable

  • Second quarter 2018: installation of the platform edge doors begins and first system trials
  • 2019 : commissioning of the new centralised control room
  • 2020 : arrival of the first driverless trains
  • end 2022 : complete automation of the line

Line M4 today and tomorrow

Calendrier des travaux

  •     2e trimestre 2018 : début de l’installation des façades de quai et premiers essais du système
  •     2020 : mise en service du nouveau PCC
  •     2021 : arrivée des premières rames sans conducteur
  •     fin 2022 : automatisation de la ligne achevée

Optimised operation

The automation of line 4 consists in making the trains completely driverless. This requires the upgrading of existing signalling and the development of infrastructure including platforms, platform edge doors, rolling stock and the implementation of the automatic train operating system (SAET).

illustration anoxo
View of future converted platforms

Automatic train operating system

This system represents all the equipment (data transmission system, supervisory system...) that ensures automatic management of trains on the line. At peak periods, it is this system that will allow additional trains to be put in service.

Refurbished and redesigned areas

Station platforms will be completely refurbished to improve passenger comfort, with welcoming spaces, user-friendly seating, modernised tiling and flooring, upgraded platforms and new lighting.

All aboard!

  • 32 trains from line 14, 20 new MP14 type trains
  • Platform edge doors to prevent accidents and incursion
  • Modern ways to communicate with our staff members

Real-time information

Automation allows for improved passenger information and service quality throughout the network. Platform edge doors on line 4 will be fitted with real-time information displays showing the precise waiting time for the next two trains.


Key to the following:
metro metro Next trains
Approaching - 0 min.
Following train - 3 min.


Controlled and centralised system

The system relies on the centralised control room, and all information relating to the function of the line passes through here. This man-machine interface allows for the supervision and control of the entire system.
A new centralised control room will be put in place, also including full supervision of stations and trains. Trials will be carried out at night, before commissioning, to check all system functions.

Today, we are taking up a new technological challenge to better meet passengers’ needs by launching the complete traffic automation on line 4.

Automation project manager

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