Network modernisation

Focus on the extension of line 11

Starting June 13, 2024, you are able to travel to the Rosny - Bois-Perrier station by taking Metro Line 11. We'll explain everything.

The extension of Line 11 has been inaugurated on June 13, 2024, connecting the Mairie des Lilas station to the new terminus at Rosny - Bois-Perrier. An additional 85,000 passengers are able to use Line 11 daily at the six new stations: Serge Gainsbourg, Romainville Carnot, Montreuil-Hôpital, La Dhuys, Coteaux Beauclair, and Rosny – Bois-Perrier. In practice, this extension allows for a 25-minute journey between Châtelet and Rosny - Bois-Perrier stations.

This project has taken 8 years of construction, resulting in a 6 km extension, the creation of a viaduct, and the construction of new stations in a highly dense urban environment. It represents a significant technical challenge successfully met by the dedicated teams.

campagne partagée pour le prolongement de la ligne 11

Expanding the Île-de-France Rail Network

The aim of this extension is to enhance the rail service coverage in the eastern part of the Île-de-France region, particularly by boosting access to business areas and facilities such as the André Grégoire Intercommunal Hospital, the Rosny 2 and Domus shopping centers, and the high schools in the Londeau neighborhood. The goal is to fully support the urban development of the Seine-Saint-Denis (93) municipalities served: Les Lilas, Romainville, Noisy-le-Sec, Montreuil, and Rosny-sous-Bois.

The extended Line 11 to Rosny - Bois-Perrier will offer connections to the extended T1 at Val de Fontenay, the RER E, and Line 15 East at Rosny - Bois-Perrier, as well as to the bus lines serving the area.

Key Figures

This is the travel time between Châtelet and Rosny - Bois-Perrier stations.

Architecture of the New Stations

Discover several videos showcasing some of the new stations of the Line 11 extension:

Virginie Valdois et Bastien André
Virginie Valdois et Bastien André

Technical Challenge

The complexity of the Line 11 extension project lies in the simultaneous execution of three major undertakings:

  • The actual extension of the line
  • The adaptation of existing stations
  • The modernization of driving systems and the complete renewal of rolling stock, funded by Île-de-France Mobilités

The new MP14 trains have been gradually replacing the MP59 trains since June 2023. These new trains are much quieter, more energy-efficient, and offer better information, thus enhancing passenger comfort.

Additionally, this extension includes the creation of a maintenance workshop in Rosny-sous-Bois and a new centralized control center for the line in Bagnolet.

Modernisation Line 11 Network extension