on se mobilise

We're mobilised

For several months now, service disruptions have been particularly frequent on some network lines. RATP would…

In real life, it doesn't please everyone

"In real life, it doesn't please everyone" : RATP speaks out against everyday incivilities. Let us tell you about it…

ca vaut le détour

Well worth a visit!

Take a fresh look at our lines and discover what is truly worth a visit. 

Pickpockets : Les bon gestes à adopter

How to react to pickpockets?

The reflexes to have to protect your personal belongings, how to file a complaint in case of theft... Let's explain.

arrêt carnet ticket

Cardboard t+ ticket packs of 10 says au revoir

As a further step in the upgrading of transport tickets, cardboard t+ ticket packs of 10 will be phased out from October 2021. More…

Bandeau Achat CB

Contactless credit card payment on RoissyBus and OrlyBus

In addition to paying in cash, you can now buy your tickets with a credit card (contactless payment) on board OrlyBus and RoissyBus! A…

What’s up this summer?

What’s up this summer?

Visiting Paris? We're happy to help! Find out what services, deals and surprises we have in store for you this summer on our network.…


Nous sommes mobilisés pour vous permettre de voyager en toute sécurité

C’est parce que l’on tient à vous que nous sommes plus que jamais mobilisés pour vous permettre de voyager sur nos lignes, en toute…